Updated Customer Information on the Spread of Covid-19 (Corona virus)

Corona Virus Update

Just like the rest of society, we at Tele2, our customers, partners, and suppliers are affected by the continued pandemic. It is of course important for us to protect our staff from getting or spreading infection. At the same time, we also want to ensure that we can continue to deliver our community-based services to our customers, something that is more important than ever.

Right now, we continue to offer the opportunity to and encourage all our employees at Tele2 to work from home if possible.. Some functions, such as NOC and Field Service, are excluded. Our customer support continues as usual, even if some work from home. Given the current situation, there is a risk that you as a customer will be affected and we hope that you understand this.

We continue to prioritize our infrastructure, operational delivery, and error handling. Therefore we may have longer response times for quotes and orders, as well as longer delivery times, although we strive to minimize this as much as possible.

There are variations in our suppliers’ lead times, which in the long run may affect our ability to deliver hardware, although we still have good access to components and products that we and our customers need.

We will update this page continuously if the situation changes. If you have any questions or need assistance, you are always welcome to contact our customer support or your customer contact.

Are Tele2’s offices closed?

No. On the other hand, we encourage all employees to work from home as much as possible.

What is Tele2’s policy regarding external meetings?

We are avoiding most physical meetings at the moment. This means that we prioritize digital channels and work remotely. The exception is the cases where we need to be on site or at the customer to be able to provide services to our customers.

Does Tele2 have a crisis plan/action plan to deal with the situation?

Yes, we have both a continuity planning and a crisis action plan, which we are working on and that are updated based on prevailing circumstances. However, we do not consider ourselves in a state of crisis right now, so the measures we are taking are preventative in mitigating a critical situation.

Can Tele2 IoT guarantee it will continue to deliver as usual?

As a natural consequence of the situation, we can have longer response times for quotations and orders as well as longer delivery times, which we strive to minimize as much as possible. The priorities are currently fault management and operational management.

When it comes to our ability to deliver products to you, our suppliers have variations in their lead times. We still have good access to the components and products that we and you customers need. Given the current situation, we cannot guarantee that the situation will change quickly.

Will Tele2 be able to handle any disruptions?

Yes. All functions work as usual, either from home or where needed.  Our continuity planning includes, among other things, securing our emergency loops.

Can Tele2’s network withstand increased traffic?

We see a traffic increase in both our fixed and mobile data traffic, but the networks are currently sized according to when it is the most traffic (peak hour) and there are no indications that the networks would be charged more than what we experience during these periods. We currently have plenty of capacity to handle any traffic increase for both fixed and mobile data traffic. Of course, we are following the situation in order to be able to quickly identify any capacity deficiencies and rectify these through, for example, upgrades.

What measures is Tele2 taking in order to not be affected by Covid-19?

Tele2 is taking a number of measures in all business segments in order to avoid or reduce the risk of injury such as the spread of infection or delivery problems of Tele2’s services.

In order to avoid an escalated situation, the first measures were initiated as early as January 2020. Should the current situation deteriorate, there are several additional measures to take; these measures are documented in Tele2’s continuity and crisis plans.

Who do I contact with further questions?

We will update this page continuously if the situation changes. If you have any further questions or anything that we can help you with, please contact your customer contact or our customer support.

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