Automotive-grade IoT SIM cards &
SIM management solutions for connected cars

Connect your vehicles anywhere while managing software over-the-air

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IoT SIM cards designed for connected cars needs

Best SIM hardware possible

Electrical parts in vehicles endure significant stress while operating under continually changing conditions. Our automotive eUICC SIMs withstand extreme temperatures (-40°C – +105°C), as well as shock, moisture, humidity, vibration, and corrosion resistance for 17+ years and comply with industry-specific standards

Qualified by AEC

All Tele2 IoT automotive SIMs have Automotive Electronics Council AEC-Q100 qualification – the international technical standard for automotive quality systems. Our automotive SIM cards have successfully completed the designated stress tests, ensuring that you enjoy industry standards of quality and reliability

Longer lifetime

Connected cars are always on the move and meant to last for years. Automotive SIMs allow up to 16 million write/erase cycles to ensure both vehicle and SIM longevity. They also have 17+ years of data retention compared to 15 years on Premium Industrial SIMs.

Short time-to-market

Order and receive your SIM cards no matter where you are located. We offer quick delivery of automotive IoT SIMs and Connectivity Management Platform (Cisco IoT Control Center) account setup to minimize time-to-market.

No lock-in effects

Thanks to virtual profiles, car manufacturers can choose to work with any MNO. Download profiles, switch operators, or even accommodate multiple operators on a single SIM.

Future-proof technology & supply chain

Tele2 IoT partners with IDEMIA, one of the world’s leading SIM producers, which allows us to deliver large quantities of SIMs swiftly. IDEMIA is preferred by 4 out of 10 top car manufacturers.

Put our automotive SIMs to the test

Evaluate our SIMs for connected cars, IoT connectivity management platform & global connectivity

A side view of a shiny, modern blue car with silver rims. The bottom portion of the car, the far tire and a portion of the front tire are visible, with sharp focus on the middle of the car and the far tire and wheel. The car is parked on a blue gray floor.

Supported use cases


• Infotainment & navigation
• Software & firmware OTA 
• Vehicle management


• Diagnostics & maintenance planning 
• Convenience services
• Usage-based insurance

Other advantages & related services

Reliable roaming & connectivity

Tele2 IoT has roaming agreements with 600+ networks across 190+ countries, so your vehicles will always stay reliably connected

#1 CMP platform for automotive

Manage all your SIMs and devices in Cisco IoT Control Center – the market-leading CMP platform preferred by top global automakers

IoT Security

Safeguard even the most sensitive vehicle IoT data with multi-layered security enabled by private APN, IP-SEC VPN, and Interconnect services


Dedicated support team

Tele2 IoT is your connectivity expert in Europe, ready to advise on all connectivity matters for automotive players

Talk to us about the IoT SIM solution that will work best for your automotive project

What our customers say

Tele2 IoT has excellent roaming solutions. We have customers all over the world – Europe, South America, North America, Asia – so we need coverage wherever we have a connected charging station. Tele2 IoT has us covered, literally. The network agreements Tele2 IoT has allows us to get the coverage we need, no matter where we are.

Mathieu SanicharService Delivery Manager, GreenFlux

Tele2 IoT is really into IoT and the possibilities it brings, so the company acts as a real partner. Tele2 IoT is the only one doing IoT for real. Other vendors have an IoT offering, but Tele2 IoT is driven and engaged in the IoT space.

Fredrik DurlingCEO & Founder, Drifter World

IoT Control Center provides good functionality to manage a large number of SIMs in an easy way. Also, automation of different operations makes life a lot easier, since managing hundreds of thousands of SIM-cards and IoT devices would otherwise be really difficult. Control Center allows us to focus on our own business

Jussi AhtikariCTO, Virta

Tele2 IoT is super-fast and very pro-active. The onboarding process is clear and smooth – in the past we’ve had to ask what is going on or what is the next step, but with Tele2 IoT comes to us with information before we even ask for it and you’re the only company doing this.

Andreas JansaDirector Ilogs UK

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