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Tele2 is a sustainability leader
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With a vision to lead in sustainability, our efforts are focused on finding areas where sustainability enables business opportunities & supports our long-term success as a company, as well as the success of our customers.

The fundamental idea for Tele2’s sustainability strategy is to focus our efforts on areas where the nature of our business and services allows us to maximize our impact. We firmly believe sustainability efforts should go hand in hand with the core operations of a business. That is how companies and organizations can maximize their contributions to a more sustainable society at large.

At the start of 2024, Tele2 has launched an updated sustainability strategy, setting new benchmarks and targets through 2026 in four focus areas: Circular economy, Child online protection, Sustainability through tech and Diversity.

Since implementing its sustainability strategy in 2021, Tele2 has greatly improved its ESG-ratings results, including A-rating by CDP and #1 in gender equality in Sweden by Equileap, been named #1 Climate Leader in Europe by the Financial Times, and appointed as having the best climate reporting of all companies listed on OMXS.

As part of the updated strategy, Tele2 has set new ambitious targets, including the collection and recycling or reuse of 100,000 phones by 2026 and increasing blocking of attempts to access child sexual abuse material by 10 percent. These targets reflect Tele2’s dedication to environmental responsibility and societal impact.

The new updated targets are:

  1. Collect 100,000 phones for recycling or reuse by 2026.
  2. Increasing revenue from circular business models.
  3. Blocking attempts to access child sexual abuse material, with a 10% annual increase.
  4. Achieving a leadership gender balance of 40/60 in all leadership levels.

Other targets that Tele2 had in the former strategy launched in 2021 that are still valid:

  1. Achieving 100% circularity for network equipment by 2025.
  2. Scope 1 & 2 reduction by 100% and Scope 3 reduction by 60% per subscription by 2029 and net-zero emissions by 2035.
  3. Recycle and reuse 30% of distributed phones by 2030.

Areas of focus

Advance the circular economy

Tele2 will capture new business opportunities in all segments related to circular economy, reduce negative climate impact throughout our value chain in line with our science-based targets, and increase our rate of collection of mobile phones to 100 000.

Protect Children in a Connected Society

Establishing Tele2 as a market leader in child online protection, with a 10% annual increase in blocked attempts to access child sexual abuse material.

Accelerate sustainability through tech

Utilizing innovative technology to create B2C/B2B customer and sustainability value, advancing digital ethics, and decreasing the digital divide.

Diversity, equity & inclusion

Striving for an industry-leading inclusion score, a sustainably diverse workforce, and a leadership gender balance of 40/60.

Firmly integrated throughout Tele2

The new sustainability strategy is integrated into Tele2’s operations throughout the company. It includes KPI:s and short-term activities within each focus area, as well as long-term targets which will guide Tele2 towards the ambition to lead in sustainability. To further the sustainability agenda, responsibilities within Tele2 have been clearly defined and a percentage of all managers’ short-term incentive program will be directly dependent on sustainability targets.

“It is important for us that our sustainability efforts are focused on areas where we can maximize our impact. We firmly believe that our sustainability efforts should benefit us, our customers and the society at large. We can make a significant impact while also becoming more efficient and find new business opportunities,” says Kjell Johnsen, President & CEO of Tele2.

Overarching goals

In order to fulfill our vision to lead in sustainability, we have set a number of overarching goals, as well as defined short-term activities and long-term goals KPI:s within each focus area above. Our overarching goals are:

  • Ensure sustainability is an integrated part of Tele2’s core business for our long-term success as a company.
  • Drive a strong sustainability agenda which meets the demands of our key stakeholders, including customers, investors, and employees.
  • Maximize our sustainability impact and the creation of shared value for all stakeholders.
  • Deliver sustainable products and services which retains current customers and wins new ones.
  • Increase resource efficiency to lower costs and energy consumption both in our own operations and our value chain.

Sustainability is an integrated part of our core business and creates shared value for our stakeholders. As a sustainable business we maximize new business opportunities with a win-win-win perspective for us, our customers and society at large. Telcos will play a key role in enabling a more sustainable society, and this updated sustainability strategy is our plan to make a significant contribution to that development.

Kjell JohnsenCEO & President, Tele2

“We are launching this update to our strategy on the back of our leading sustainability achievements, including rapidly reducing our scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions, leading efforts in our industry to improve circularity of mobile phones and using AI technology to improve blocking of access to child sexual abuse material. This reflects our dedication to our vision to lead in sustainability.

Erik WottrichHead of Sustainability, Tele2

Tele2’s Sustainability Report 2022

Tele2’s Sustainability Report 2022 highlights Tele2’s continued industry leadership in sustainability.

Key highlights: Tele2’s sustainability efforts 2022

  • First company based in Sweden and the second telco globally to have its net-zero emissions target for 2035 approved by the Science-Based Targets initiative
  • Achieved an ‘A’ rating from CDP for leadership in corporate transparency and performance on climate change. Tele2 was one of only 2% of nearly 15,000 companies globally to achieve an ‘A’ rating
  • Launched a green and sustainability-linked financing framework and issued its first sustainability-linked bond. Tele2 also signed a sustainability-linked credit facility
  • First telco in the Nordics and Baltics to adopt a circular economy target for network equipment in its own operations
  • Renewed partnership with Reach for Change as well as continued partnerships with ECPAT and Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia’s Foundation in order to ensure progress in our focus area “Protect children in a connected society”
  • Products and services provided by Tele2 are estimated to have helped avoid the emission of more than 120,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent in 2022

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