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eUICC SIM Management

You bought your global SIM cards and have deployed your devices across regions and/or countries. But we all know that things can change: regulations and new restrictions may mean you are no longer getting the service or coverage you need and in order to stay compliant, you must be able to make changes to your setup quickly – and that may mean changing out your SIMs. But physically replacing SIM Cards is both cost prohibitive and labor intensive, particularly if you have devices in multiple markets.

This is where eUICC SIMs (sometimes referred to as eSIMs) becomes a game changer. eUICC SIMs simplify global deployments by giving you the ability to provision your SIM cards with a new operator remotely, as well as allow you to store multiple Operator profiles on the SIM Card and switch between them if needed.  

2SWITCH is Tele2 IoT’s line of services based on the Remote SIM Provisioning standard (GSMA SGP.02), enabling the remote management of operator profiles on an eUICC SIM card

2SWITCH Operator Migration

2SWITCH Operator Migration allows you to move your SIMs to a different operator at the end of a contract period. There are a number of reasons as to why there could be a need for such a migration, including changing regulatory requirements, which could force you to source connectivity from a local operator instead of utilizing roaming. 2SWITCH removes the operator lock-in effect, giving you the flexibility you need to manage unforeseen events.  

2SWITCH National Roaming  

Some IoT use cases requires access to all available networks within a country to receive the best possible cellular coverage. Thanks to our excellent roaming offering, Tele2 IoT can provide access to multiple networks within the same country, all around the world. For deployments in Sweden, though, our IoT SIMs network access is by default limited to the Tele2 Sweden network. To enable access to all cellular networks in Sweden, we instead provide another SIM card that enables National Roaming within Sweden. This is a tried and tested solution, although it does come with some extra challenges: you will need to manage multiple SIM SKUs in your production line, and you will also need to know at the moment of production which of your devices are being deployed in Sweden.  

To simplify your production line and ensure that you enable National Roaming in Sweden only for the devices that really need it, Tele2 IoT now also offers eUICC SIM–based national roaming. This service allows you to source a single SKU eUICC SIM that is delivered with a Swedish Tele2 subscriber, but thanks to eUICC technology you have the option to download an Tele2 Estonia subscriber over the air after deployment if you need to enable national roaming for your devices.

Features & Functionality

  • Change operator over-the-air
  • Support for multiple operator profiles on one SIM card
  • Simplified logistics & greatly reduced replacement costs
  • Reduce operator lock-in

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