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    SIM Management

    Streamline Your IoT SIM Management with 2SWITCH

    You bought your global SIMs, but you may not be getting the service or coverage you now need due to changing regulatory or commercial reasons. But changing connectivity provider can mean physically replacing SIMS, something that is not just cost prohibitive but also labor intensive.

    eSIM technology allows you to change your network provider without dealing with the headaches of physically replacing your SIMs, reducing costs and the need for excess manpower. 

    eSIM: Change subscription over-the-air

    Manage over-the-air provisioning with a subscription management platform, eSIMs, and virtual profiles (subscriptions). Everyone in the eSIM ecosystem can have the same level of security and protection provided by current SIMs, while also enjoying interoperability between operators, which reduces lock-in effects.

    Manage your subscription assets

    As your IoT solution grows you will acquire connectivity subscriptions/virtual profiles from different service providers. There is no specific limit on the number of profiles that can be stored on an eSIM, so you can store multiple profiles on each eSIM -and each one can have its own subscription period and fee. A subscription management platforms allows you to reuse SIM assets – meaning, when a profile is no longer needed on an eSIM, it can be disabled and deleted, making it available for another eSIM.

    Features & Functionality

    • Change connectivity provider over the air
    • Support for multiple operator profiles on one SIM
    • Change connectivity provider over the air

    Business Benefits

    Futureproof – limited upgrading costs

    Re-use of subscription assets

    Simplified logistics and reduced costs

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