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Test our SIMs & access 2CONTROL IoT connectivity management platform & global connectivity

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Whether you are just getting started with IoT or are looking for options when it comes to your connectivity provider, testing an operator’s offering is often the first step. This is why we provide the Tele2 IoT Trial Kit, giving you time to understand what we can offer you and how we can help you succeed.

Our Trial Kit includes

5 SIMs

With Tele2 IoT connectivity

50 MB per SIM

per month for 2 months

30 SMS

messages per SIM per month


Access to Cisco IoT Control Center

Easy to get started

Real-time testing

• Test as you build for fast, quality development
• Visibility into device and network behavior
• Diagnostics and troubleshooting

2CONTROL CMP – powered by Cisco

• Complete suite of developer tools
• User logins for everyone on your team
• Same environment for testing and deployment

Exceptional Developer Support

• Developer guidelines
• Full access to APIs

Fast SIM delivery

• Get started quickly
• SIMs shipped within days

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