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Data Transfer Management

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IoT Security: The Tele2 IoT White Paper

When it comes to IoT security, it’s important that you are able to manage the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data. While IoT offers great benefits for your business, your solution can also be vulnerable to attack. Fortunately, the vast majority of attacks can be prevented easily and cost-effectively.

Secure transfer of data

Many IoT devices transfer potentially sensitive data, and it is essential that this data is adequately protected at all times, It is also important that the user is aware of what private data is being processed. If you need a high level of confidentiality and integrity, end-to-end encryption, delivered with private APN with IPSec VPN is the right option for you.

Remote access to your IoT devices

Unauthorized access to your IoT device can not only compromise confidentiality but also impact availability.  Cyber criminals have increasingly smart tools to scan for and quickly exploit vulnerable devices, which can affect the overall availability of networks. All Tele2 IoT APN options deny access to the device remotely as a default, but with a private APN with IPSec VPN you can allow controlled remote access to your devices for users within the VPN.

Scaling with data growth

As your business grows and increases in complexity you won’t just be adding more devices you’ll also be managing higher data volumes. While you could transport data over the Internet (encrypted or not) this might not provide the stability and security you need – the alternative is to use one or many APN Alias’ to redirect traffic to an APN (private or shared). The Private Interconnect option is also available to transport all your data traffic over a dedicated fiber line to an interconnection point.

Features & Functionality

  • Standard APN
  • Private APN
  • Private APN with IPSec VPN
  • Private APN with redundant IPSec VPN
  • Private APN with IPSec VPN & customer’s Radius integration
  • APN Alias
  • Private Interconnect

Business Benefits

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