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Manage Your IoT Connectivity with our 2CONTROL connectivity management platform

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Subscription lifecycle management

Intuitive and powerful lifecycle management with built-in automation. Test, activate & retire subscriptions with automatic transitions.

Service & pricing provisioning

Enjoy full control over where you roam, which services are provisioned,
and which price plan is best suited to your needs.

Data tracking & reporting

Get insights into device usage, deployment trends, and reports via the comprehensive analytics feature of the platform.

Advanced troubleshooting & diagnostics

Remote diagnostics quickly determine root cause for incidents, advanced troubleshooting finds solutions for complex problems.

Enterprise-grade security

Grant or restrict access to employees or customers. Block unauthorized devices by only allowing predefined devices or detecting when a SIM has been moved to a new device

Integrate APIs into existing systems

Automate workflows and optimize productivity by integrating a comprehensive library of APIs into existing systems.
REST & Push API supported.

Select the connectivity management package that suits your IoT needs


Collect and send small data packets at periodic intervals or based on specific events

Automation rules:
API access:
Advanced analytics
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Location-based services
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SMS & voice provisioning
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For higher data usage, low latency, and high reliability connectivity

Automation rules:
API access:
Advanced analytics
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Location-based services
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SMS & voice provisioning
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Same month rate plan change
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Bulk coverage
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Which package is right for you?

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2CONTROL is a great solution for looking at a large number of accounts at once. We can easily configure things, such as setting the amount of data we want to send, which makes it easy to keep costs under control.

Tobias MattssonE-commerce Manager, Tingstad

Automation of different operations makes life a lot easier, since managing hundreds of thousands of SIM-cards and IoT devices would otherwise be really difficult. 2CONTROL allows us to focus on our business, and not to use too much time to learn and manage all the difficulties of connectivity of our devices.

Jussi AhtikariCTO, Virta

2CONTROL is one reason we chose Tele2 IoT – you have the best portal to control our deployments and there are easy ways to integrate features and admin towards our system. Our head developer thinks it’s very easy to work with.

Johan BergströmCEO, Trackson

With 2CONTROL we can identify a lot of issues, such as unusual consumption patterns or interruptions in the connection. By identifying these issues, we can contact, for example, our hardware supplier and identify things like a lot of switching on the network – and then we can fix the problem.

Basten De JongeChargepoint Engineer, Vattenfall

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