IoT Solutions for Fleet Management & Asset Tracking

Manage your operations locally or internationally with our global cellular connectivity & advanced IoT connectivity management platform

We have powered IoT-enabled asset-and fleet management for these companies

Application of IoT in logistics and asset management

Logistics & vehicle tracking

Monitor fuel consumption, driver behaviour, engine performance, etc.. Optimize routes and keep vehicles secure with round-the-clock tracking

Remote asset tracking

Gain insights into where your asset is, and what and how it is doing. Trace stolen goods, manage your retail inventory, or detect environment changes.

Predictive maintenance

Track operating conditions of equipment with, leading to maximum productivity. Reduce costs of repairs and keep downtime to a minimum.

End-to-end product tracking

Track the movement of products from the warehouse to your customer’s door. Reduce human errors and increase customer satisfaction.

How Tele2 IoT enables fleet & asset management solutions

IoT SIM cards

Premium Industrial eUICC SIMs are perfect for fleet management and asset tracking. Designed to operate in extreme temperatures, vibrations,
shocks, salt, and corrosion.

Global connectivity & roaming

Stay connected in 160+ countries thanks to our roaming agreements with 600+ networking partners. We offer flexible data and pricing plans that are designed to meet your needs.

Best-in-class IoT platform

Monitor assets, connectivity, and data in real time with our 2CONTROL connectivity management platform, powered by Cisco. Deploy hundreds of devices easily while seamlessly integrating into your existing IT stack.

Enhanced security

Ensure that your vehicles, assets, and customer data are protected from cyber threats with our suite of IoT security options, including Private
and Cloud Interconnect.

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5 SIM cards


Access to IoT CMP


50 MB of European connectivity per SIM

Right now, we’re operating in Sweden, but our plan is to expand further into the Nordic region. We also have things set in place to support expansion across Europe through Tele2 IoT roaming.

John Byström Chairman of the Board, Trackson

We need roaming. Our customer’s vehicles travel all over the country, as well as across borders, so we need to make sure our provider has the right roaming agreements to ensure connectivity no matter where the vehicle travels, so that we can collect data anywhere.

Jimmy ThörnlöfCOO Jiricom

What makes Tele2 IoT perfect for Bikeep is that the connectivity works anywhere. All the devices are manufactured in Estonia with preinstalled Tele2 IoT SIMs.

Kristjan Lind CEO Bikeep

Before we had Tele2 IoT, if one network went down we had no solution. With Tele2, we have multiple networks to solve the problem. Tele2 IoT’s roaming rates have allowed us to cost-effectively grow outside our home market.

Jasper AlgaStatutory Director, EuropeTrack

Having LTE-M and NB-IoT from Tele2 IoT is bringing the coverage and stability some of our customers require. LPWA technology is great for remote areas, has long battery life, and costs are really coming down. When combined with the growing LTE-M roaming list from Tele2 IoT, we believe this will help accelerate IoT adoption, particularly for municipalities.

Karl-Johan WirfalkCEO, Wideco

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