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Quick answers to common questions, a troubleshooting guide, and an incident report checklist

For quick answers, please check the FAQ below or log in to the Customer Portal where you can look at your contract, place/follow-up orders and cases. If your question or problem remains or is more complex, we are always happy to assist you.

SIM cards

Can I see if my SIM is online and in data sessions?
Yes, this can be seen in the 2CONTROL portal in the “Spotlight” section.

What is the difference between SE and EE SIM?
EE SIMs can roam in all networks in Sweden, while SE SIM supports only Tele2 Sweden network. SE SIM has access to more global roaming partners than the EE SIM, based on commercial roaming agreements.

Why don’t I see my SIM cards in the 2CONTROL portal?
Search filters are not cleared in most cases, or it can be an implementation issue. Please make sure that all filters for the search are cleared. If that does not solve the problem, please contact support.

How can I see which services are available for my SIM cards?
Services available for specific SIM cards are stated in the Communication Plan name. (If not, the customer has ordered a special name for the plan.)

Do Tele2 IoT SIM cards support NB-IoT and LTE-M technology?
Yes, Tele2 IoT SIM cards support NB-IoT and LTE-M.

Can I send an SMS from the Tele2 IoT 2CONTROL portal to the device?
Yes, you can.

What should I do if my device can’t open a data session?
Please follow this troubleshooting guide if you experience this issue


How to stop/reset data session for the device remotely?
Use the “Cancel location” function in 2CONTROL, in the “Spotlight” section.

Can I see the location of the device?
Yes, with the help of Location Based Services, you can view your device’s location in 2CONTROL. You can access the longitude/latitude of the Cell-ID your device is connected to and plot the location using Google Maps.

Can I see which IP address a device has for the current data session?
Yes, this can be seen in the 2CONTROL portal, under the “In session” bar.

Can I see the IP address for old data sessions?
The previous IPs can be seen if the device has a static APN. If the APN is dynamic, then only the IP for current data session can be seen.

Can Tele2 IoT see device activity and data traffic from the device in the network?
Tele2 IoT can only see signaling coming from the network if it reaches the Tele2 network nodes. If the device has data throughput, it can be seen in the 2CONTROL portal in the “Spotlight” section, or a user plane trace needs to be opened from the Tele2 IoT side to see specific data traffic used by the device.

Why does the device sometimes have zero-byte sessions under the “Interesting events” tab in 2CONTROL’s “Spotlight”?

This happens for to several reasons:

  • The device opened a data session but did not upload/download any data (usually occurs when there is short session duration).
  • The device suddenly closed the session (power off, etc.), then the session is still active in the network, but is shown as zero-byte session as no data is going through the open session.
  • The device is opening several sessions at the time, but as data can flow only through one open session, others will show as zero-byte sessions.

Allow- and deny-listing

Is MSISDN allow-listing and deny-listing possible in the 2CONTROL portal?
The portal does not support allow-listing/deny-listing functionality.


How do we know what networks are available in various countries?
Information about available networks in different countries (both Roaming Reachlist and Sunsetting updates) is distributed via the Customer Portal to all our customers on a quarterly basis. To access the lists in the Customer Portal, go to the ‘What’s New?’ tab at the top of the page. If you don’t have access to the Tele2 IoT Customer Portal, ask your company portal admin to enable you as a user or contact

Communication plans

How can I add or change services to my Communication Plan?
The respective sales representative needs to be contacted to make the order.

Other questions

What is the incident report checklist?
The incident report checklist is the information required by iNOC to troubleshoot the issue. You can find it here.

I did not find an answer to my question. What should I do?
Did you not find an answer to your question please send an email to in the following format for the fastest solution:

  1. Describe your problem
  2. Add screenshots if possible
  3. Send other relevant information/attachments

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