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Premium Support, Extended SLA, Service Management

Here's how we do it:

Premium Support

Premium Support extends your access to Tele2 IoT’s support service, meaning we are available to you 24/7. We also have an escalation matrix, so if you’re not happy or have an issue you need prioritized you have a fixed matrix to follow – with the ability to escalate it quickly and effectively.

Top Benefits

• Extended Access

• Escalation Matrix

• Prioritization


Extended SLA

You’re going to need a certain level of service – and that means uptime you can count on.  If that doesn’t happen, you receive service credits back. This covers not just data, but also if you’re not able to connect with the network or send an SMS. This is your insurance on your investment.

Top Benefits

• Agreed service levels

• Credits back

• Insure your investment

Service Management

This is where we work hand in glove. We look at your situation and address not just any problems you’re already having but also identify issues you may not be aware of. Having a service manager allows you to fine tune your business and take it to the next level – ahead of your competitors.

Top Benefits

• Dedicated contact person

• Identify hidden issues

• Tighten business model


World-class IOT Services

As your business grows your need for support grows along with it – but at Tele2 IoT our services include but go well beyond support. 

We offer services that address your particular needs while acting as a partner. We strive to be both responsive and proactive – and that means we work right alongside you to solve problems and issues that are specific to your business, while also giving you access to support and service levels that are designed to keep you up and running 24/7.