Tele2 IoT is a top 10 European cellular IoT connectivity provider

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IoT isn’t about the industry you’re in, it’s about the challenges you want to solve

Tele2 IoT is a global managed cellular connectivity provider that allows you to scale across borders.

Whether you’re working in five cities or across five continents, Tele2 IoT has the skills and the tools needed to support you on your IoT journey.

Customers who use Tele2 IoT services


Remote care & diagnostics made easy for vulnerable patients.

Smart Cities

Keeping public transport running on road, rail & sea.


Critical Connectivity – when optimal uptime is crucial.

Access over ownership

E-scooters are transforming urban travel.

Tele2 IoT is super-fast and very pro-active. The onboarding process is clear and smooth – in the past we’ve had to ask what is going on or what is the next step, but with Tele2 IoT comes to us with information before we even ask for it and you’re the only company doing this.

Andreas JansaDirector Ilogs UK

Working with Tele2 IoT has been great. We were really impressed by the onboarding in particular. We got got started really quickly – from us calling and asking for information to being up and running was less than five days total, so very, very quick. We had SIM cards the day after we ordered them and we tested the first one the day after that.

Alexander BucurCEO Meltspot

It’s good to have a company like Tele2 IoT to partner with because of the global roaming footprint, something that will be very important as we expand into other countries. Tele2 IoT also has a good entrepreneurial mindset and that is important to us as we move forward.

Pär Sydow, Co-founder & CEOCurosense

The thing that makes Tele2 IoT stand out for us is that it has a broad company footprint in the B2B sector, and are really focused on industrial IoT, which isn’t the case with other providers. Tele2 IoT also has its cloud interconnect setup that allows us to provide customers with secure private connectivity.

Lamin Faye, CEOBuddywise

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