IoT Applications Across Industries

IoT isn’t about the industry you’re in, it’s about
the challenges you want to address

Tele2 IoT takes a horizontal approach to the market, which means we focus on what we do best – connectivity and IoT enabling services – and apply those across all verticals. We also team up with carefully selected partners in order to provide you with everything your business needs. Agriculture, food tech, digital signage, the shared economy – no matter which vertical you operate in or where in the world you are located we’ve got you covered. 

How IoT powers various industries


IoT allows you to monitor everything from fields and livestock to infrastructure, reducingwaste and increasing productivity. Smart agriculture supports sustainable farming practices and reduces the environmental footprint through not just minimized or site-specific application of fertilizers and pesticides, but also by monitoring the entire food value chain.


Through connectivity, we can all control multi-vendor smart devices in our homes or offices via a single app, whether that is utilities, door locks, or security cameras. Now, logistics companies delivering goods can make deliveries even when the owners are away, with IoT-enabled vtracking solutions
minimizing the risk of theft.

Digital signage

Deliver high-resolution digital content to shops, restaurants, or outdoor public spaces using secure, reliable cellular connectivity. Cellular connectivity allows digital displays to be installed anywhere in the world that cellular networks exist. You can also remotely update your signs or troubleshoot problems without wasting unnecessary manpower.


Improve operations and enhance customer experience, whether that’s in your brick-and-mortar operations or on your e-commerce side of things. From reducing inventory error and optimizing supply chains to decreasing labor costs and reducing theft, IoT brings benefits to both customers and
business owners in myriad ways.


Whatever data your AI solution needs, IoT delivers. With various devices and sensors connected by IoT, AI algorithms receive data of different granularity to analyze in real time, 24/7. IoT devices can also be managed and optimized remotely via AI-powered automations, improving efficiency and
reducing human intervention.

Shared economy

IoT facilitates the sharing of nearly any existing device, vehicles, or buildings through sensors and cellular connectivity. By integrating IoT, you can keep complete transaction details of shared assets while monitoring and controlling the asset remotely, as well as handle secure payments and remove all forms
of third party lock-ins.

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What Tele2 IoT offers your industry

IoT SIM cards

IoT SIMs for indoor and outdoor use. Suitable for all IoT use cases and available in any form factor. Ensureyour assets & data are protected with our suite of IoT security options.

Cellular connectivity & roaming

Always stay connected in 190+ countries thanks to our roaming agreements with more than 600 networking partners. Flexible data and pricing plans – adjusted to your needs.

Best-in-class IoT platform

Get a 360° view of all your devices and systems with our 2CONTROL connectivity management platform powered by Cisco.


Professional support

From onboarding to helping you scale to addressing any challenges, our team of IoT experts is ready to assist you.

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5 SIM cards


Access to IoT CMP


50 MB of European connectivity per SIM

We were choosing between several different vendors and while price was one factor, it was also the customer service and the friendly way Tele2 IoT helped solved challenges. Exceptional sales and aftersales – it’s been brilliant!

Anders ÅrmanProduct Specialist, Loxess

Our entire sensor is an IoT device with a SIM in it. We used to use customer’s WiFi but it was too unreliable, and a big hassle with passwords and other things. When you’re working with this many sensors in one place you want them all to be aligned, so moving to incorporating SIMs and stable cellular connectivity was the natural next step.

Alexander BucurCEO, Meltspot

All of our customers are located far away from populated areas, so good cellular coverage is important. We need a reliable and cost-conscious connection, which is where LTE-M and NB-IoT come into the picture as the perfect solution.

Jonas AnderssonCEO, LudaFarm

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