Tele2 IoT & Monimoto: Affordable Security For Your Ride

Asset tracking across borders

Many of us, as we pass through the different stages of our lives, take up new hobbies and passions. Some of us train for Ironman, others travel the world. And some give in to their ultimate dream and buy a motorcycle. Keeping your dream machine safe hasn’t always been cheap or easy – that is, until Monimoto and Tele2 IoT joined forces.

Motorcycle theft is on the rise, with some cities reporting up to 75 bikes stolen each day. So the question is how do you find a simple, easy, and inexpensive solution that will keep your ride safe and secure?

Andrius Rimkunas, the founder of Monimoto, is a long time passionate biker, and there are few things more important to him than the safety and well being of his motorcycle, so helping people keep their bikes safe was the driving force behind his simple but effective solution.

“Knowing where your motorcycle is at all times and making sure it’s safe from thieves seems like it’s pretty straightforward,” explains Andrius. “But it can be costly and many of the options that have been available have been bulky, not all that practical, and pretty old fashioned.

“Motorcycles are a big investment so it’s also worth also investing in good security that works with how we live today.”

In 2013, serial entrepreneur and thought leader, Andrius (also known as Bruno) pitched the idea of creating a small, affordable smart motorcycle tracker to Rolandas Dranseika, co-founder of the Lithuanian technology company Eldes, which has been developing smart home security solutions for more than a decade.

“Rolandas thought the idea was interesting and decided to invest,” explains Andrius. “As discussions evolved we started collaborating to develop the smart motorcycle security solution and bring it to market.”

A motorcycle alarm and tracking solution was a new concept but according to Bruno there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind.

“In terms of design the form factor – the way it looks, feels, the size and weight – are very important,” he explains. “So for a company developing a concept that uses IoT we had to think about the choices when it comes to technology, robustness, battery life, and a number of other things in the very early stages. “And from the customer point of view you need to stand out from a ‘plug and play’ perspective – the solution had to be easy to set up, easy to use, and it had to have global coverage – we went through 11 hardware iterations before all known issues were worked through.”

At first Monimoto was working with multiple connectivity providers but what they needed was global cellular connectivity, with back-up networks in every country. That’s where Tele2 IoT came in, providing a custom solution that fit their needs perfectly, while also offering 2CONTROL, a control center that allows them to control their SIM cards as well as connectivity costs. Monimoto uses automation rules to keep costs down and to manage signalling of their SIM cards.

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It’s important to us is that our customers have a small, cool-looking device that has a battery life that lasts at least one year. Even more importantly, since we’re selling our tracker on both our own website and through various third parties, we never know where our next device will be activated, so having a SIM that is easy to order, that works globally and that is integrated into the device means we’re ready to keep your motorcycle is safe, no matter where you are in the world. And we do that thanks to Tele2 IoT connectivity.

Customers buy the Monimoto smart tracking device for a one-off fee plus a monthly fee through the app store, and once the small device is secure to the motorcycle it is integrated into your smart phone app in seconds. Then device ‘sleeps’ until someone who doesn’t have a paired key comes close to your motorcycle. If that happens and your bike starts moving without your paired key you’ll immediately get an alert on your phone with GPS coordinates, which means thieves won’t get far.

While the device was developed for motorcycles its application extends to many other investments, such a boats, cars, and anything else you want to keep secure when not in use, with zero technological know-how required. And as the company grows, how does Bruno see the future?

“I want to keep the passion we have for what we’re doing while lowering costs and optimizing efficiency,” says Bruno. “We also want to start using AI for predictive maintenance… and I want to get out on my bike as often as possible.”

Keeping your motorcycle investment safe with Monimoto and Tele2 IoT – no matter where you are in the world.

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