Industrial IoT solutions powered by global connectivity from Tele2 IoT

Improve efficiency and profitability of your production lines, supply chain, and inventory with IIoT – the Industrial Internet of Things

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How IoT optimizes manufacturing

Remote monitoring

Visualize, track, and control facilities and assets with IoT sensors and smart devices deployed across the production venue

Predictive maintenance

Identify anomalies in your equipment in real-time. Address issues swiftly and minimize downtime. Avoid costly repairs

Process optimization

Zoom in on every area in your operation – manufacturing, supply chains, and inventory. Monitor your entire production line. Identify bottlenecks that can delay production. Plan, optimize, and scale

Energy savings

Forecast energy demands and optimize future energy consumption. Manage power-use levels, temperature, water usage, fuel consumption, humidity, and lighting across your facilities

Manufacturing & Industry numbers

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Equipment/system failures w/out notice

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Global delivered electricity

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Increased productivity

Industrial IoT solutions from Tele2 IoT

Industrial-grade IoT SIM cards

Premium Industrial eUICC SIMs are ideal for manufacturing needs. Robust durability with 15 years data retention time. Minimum 16,000,000 write/erase cycles.

Global cellular connectivity

Reliable network coverage in 160+ countries, even in rural areas. Ensure your devices are always connected with our 600+ networking partners.

Connectivity management platform

Monitor equipment, connectivity, and data in real time, 24/7. Get alerts about potential issues and troubleshoot remotely. Deploy new devices in just a few few clicks.

Industrial grade security

Keep data safe at all times with our suite of IoT security options. Create trusted circles for devices and route traffic to any trusted backend via VPN. Use designated fiber line if needed.

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5 SIM cards


Access to IoT CMP


50 MB per SIM

Flexibility is key in the construction business. Our cooperation with Tele2 IoT is unique, as it perfectly fits our business model, only paying for connectivity when we use it. We manage troubleshooting ourselves in 2CONTROL – and resolving issues faster increases our value to customers.

Björn SvenneforsCTO, Infobric AB.

The thing that makes Tele2 IoT stand out for us is that it has a broad company footprint in the B2B sector, and are really focused on industrial IoT, which isn’t the case with other providers. Tele2 IoT also has its cloud interconnect setup that allows us to provide customers with secure private connectivity, which also has a very good connectivity to our servers.

Lamin FayeCEO & Founder, Buddywise

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