Connected healthcare solutions powered by IoT

Securely deploy and manage your connected care solutions with Tele2 IoT’s suite of IoT technologies

We connect smart healthcare devices and systems for these companies

What we offer connected care companies

Multi-layered security

Sensitive personal data is always encrypted and protected. Private VPN, APN & Private Interconnect ensure the safe transfer of data.

Best-in-class IoT platform

Monitor devices, connectivity and data in real time, 24/7. Get alerts about potential issues and troubleshoot remotely. Deploy with just a few clicks.

Reliable global connectivity

Reliable coverage and roaming in 190+ countries, including rural areas. Cellular connectivity is ideal for remote patient monitoring systems.

IoT SIMs & SIM management

Select the SIM that fits your healthcare solution, in any form factor. Access multiple networks with one eUICC and virtual profiles anywhere in the world.

Tele2 IoT services are ideal for Connected Care solutions


Remote care


Connected devices


Healthcare centers

Tele2 IoT is super-fast in answering service requests, and very pro-active. In the past we’ve had to ask what is going on, but with Tele2 IoT it is the opposite – you come to us with the information before we even ask for it and you’re the only company doing this.

Andreas JansaDirector, Ilogs UK

When we called and said we needed SIMs to make it happen Tele2 IoT responded with a solution in 45 minutes. The response was fast, professional, and the team helped us with whatever we needed, Equally important was roaming.

Sami Herrala CEO, 9Solutions

Tele2 IoT brings a secure solution for connecting, which is vital for our solution – health data must be kept private at all costs. There is also good scalability in the infrastructure and we have the possibility to integrate and build our services on the Tele2 IoT platform. We need to know that our solution will work and Tele2 IoT is a key partner in making that happen.

Henrik Cederqvist Founder & CEO Cuviva

The Tele2 IoT solution is the best in the market, because of the whole package they delivered to us. They always find the best solution for us.

Anna SkoghHead of Operations, Tunstall Sweden

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