Summer is coming and it’s time enjoy your bicycle! Before lubing your chain and taking your bike to town, take a minute and read how Byte Lab and Tele2 IoT can help you improve your results in the next bicycle race and make sure no one steals your precious wheels when you stop for lunch next time. Together we’re changing the cycling industry with IoT.

Byte Lab is an engineering company based in Zagreb, Croatia. Founded by two friends playing with electronics back in Elementary School, Byte Lab has grown from a small garage company to a full-service provider in electronics and embedded system. You name it; electronics design, software development, product manufacturing, Byte Lab can do it all. In the last 5 years, the two founders have managed to turn hundreds of electronic product ideas into reality for customers on three continents. And they have no plans of stopping.

B.Guard giving you peace of mind while your bike is parked

The statistics from is depressive – every five minutes somewhere in Europe a bike is stolen. The average value of a stolen bike is 646 EUR and only 1-2% of thefts lead to a conviction.

To attack that problem, Byte Lab developed a solution for a start-up called B.GUARD, a small device mounted to the rear wheel, to stop bicycles from getting stolen. With B.GUARD your bicycle can be locked and unlocked with an app, and in case of theft attempt, it will activate the alarm on the bike and send a real-time GPS location to your phone.

In developing B.GUARD, Byte Lab was searching for a cellular connectivity provider, with the same agile mind-set, who can ensure flawless connectivity and provide both Standard and MFF2 embedded SIM cards. This is how they found Tele2 IoT.

The MFF2 Tele2 embedded SIM card ensures that the product is small and light enough and doesn’t affect your ride, and the Tele2 IoT global connectivity guarantees, that B.GUARD solution could be sold and distributed all over the world.

Ridley – developing a premium solution for premium bicycles

Another example of how IoT is innovating the bicycle industry is Ridley bikes, a Belgium-based premium brand, supplying professional cycling teams with best-in-class bicycles. Ridley has always been standing out with their smart and innovating technologies and having their bikes being manufactured and assembled in Europe.

Now, as there are many players manufacturing carbon frames in Asia, they turned to Byte Lab to develop a unique smart cycling concept, to differentiate their brand on the competitive bicycle market.

Together with Byte Lab, Ridley developed a connected bike, which can monitor your speed, location, acceleration and other metrics. As Byte Lab solution has an embedded Bluetooth module, they can easily communicate with other smart devices, such as heart monitors. Thanks to Tele2 IoT embedded SIM chip Ridley can consolidate all data and push it to the user through Ridley’s app.

Ridley already has more future ideas for potential new customer services using IoT, like providing cyclist support in case of an accident or flat tire during long trainings.

Bringing more smartness to our everyday lives

“Using Tele2 solutions is beneficial for us and our customers for many reasons,” says Matija Puskar, founder of Byte Lab. “First, the embedded SIM’s they provide are smaller and could be integrated into our product right away during production. Second, they have a flexible pricing that we really appreciate meaning we only pay for our subscription only once the end-product is activated.”

”In future, we will see even more devices being connected. A number of connected devices will soon become a part of our everyday life. I foresee that for our industry Narrow-band IoT will be a real game changer as it will allow us to make devices smaller, faster and more durable. It is also an interesting time for the Telecom players, developing in different directions. This is why partnering with a strong technology-agnostic and partner friendly company like Tele2 IoT, is important to us to be able to grow the way we want!