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    Tele2 IoT & Picadeli – Fresh, Healthy & Delicious Salad Through FoodTech

    From product to servitization within the food industry

    Picadeli and Tele2 IoT are taking foodtech to the next level with real-time data diagnostics and advanced food safety. 

    With the help of Tele2 IoT, Award winning Picadeli is all about foodtech – offering inspiring healthy salad that is fresh and easily available through connected salad bars and innovative food development.

    The classic salad bar made its debut in America in the 1960s and pick’n’mix candy displays have been around for more than 100 years, but it wasn’t until the Swedish company Picadeli was founded and developed their own high-tech salad bars that fresh, fast, and healthy meals became truly ‘on tap’ – and as the company advances food tech they’re doing it with the help of Tele2 IoT.

    Founded in 2009 on the west coast of Sweden, Picadeli uses technology and software to provide consumers with the best possible food via their patented Arctic salad bars.

    The case at a glance

    Company: Picadeli

    Region: Sweden/Europe

    Sector: Foodtech

    Challenge: Connect in-store salad bars without LAN connection

    Solution: Tele2 IoT connectivity & local roaming solutions

    Result: Continuous real-time data allows machine diagnostics & product performance insights; digital labels & advertising; optimized scheduling


    “Picadeli´s founders came from the retail industry and didn’t think there were enough healthy fast food alternatives on the market,” explains Jonas Landström, Business Development and IT at Picadeli. “So they came up with the concept that if you can choose unhealthy options, such as pick’n’mix candy, you can also pick and mix your own healthy salad. When they launched their first salad bar in a grocery store in western Sweden, it was an instant success, and by 2010 the concept was spreading across the country.”

    In 2013 Picadeli took a big step into digitalization with the development of a connected salad bar, the Arctic Salad Bar, which revolutionised food safety systems by allowing them to keep track of every product digitally through connectivity, which is today provided with the help of Tele2 IoT. The company collects data about when produce is placed and how long it’s been sitting. The data is then provided to the store, and warnings are sent to both Picadeli and the store if a product is getting close to its end of shelf-life.

    There is also a lot of time saving and optimizing functionality built into the connected platform: digital labels transmit information about products available in the salad bars, while, screens show inspirational as well as practical information, such as proteins, energy, carbs, etc. This helps the stores not only manage the products but also helps both Picadeli and the retailer make sure they have the right assortment for that particular store.

    IoT has been really important for our international growth, for example in France. And being able to connect the salad bars without a LAN connection in-store has been key.

    Picadeli is in stores across Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and France, and has just begun penetrating the German market – with every outlet in France using IoT connectivity.

    “IoT has been really important for our international growth, for example in France,” says Landström. “And being able to connect the salad bars without a LAN connection in-store has been key.”

    Data from the connected salad bars is sent continuously, and it covers everything from the products themselves to the sensors that ensure the salad bar is performing optimally.

    It is critical that the food is kept cool in the right temperature and Picadeli has sensors that sends warnings to the store and to a Customer support team if the temperature gets out of the optimal range,” explains Landström. “Diagnostic information about fans, compressors and other sensors is also sent to us, as well as what product is at which location and when it was placed in the salad bar. We send new digital labels with images of the food when needed, new advertising and inspirational movies, as well as new software updates. And we have handheld devices that the store personnel interact with to get information about everything from remaining shelf-life remaining to cleaning schedules.”

    Picadeli, which provides the handheld devices to the retailer, uses them to communicate in real time with the salad bars, and while this consumes a lot of data, connectivity significantly reduces the need to do things manually, and even more importantly provides a consistent customer experience. The company is now able to collect much more detailed information on how various products are performing, which not only influences the assortment in a specific store, but also allows them to act quickly if a product isn’t performing well.

    The main advantage of adding IoT connectivity has been having one solution for all mobile Internet connections.

    “The main advantage of adding IoT connectivity has been having one solution for all mobile Internet connections, which lets us monitor everything from one place, to have cost control, and to make it as easy as possible for the retailers installing the salad bars. Tele2 IoT has provided the guidance and the combination of features we needed, all at a competitive price,” says Landström.

    “When it comes to support the Tele2 IoT team has been very good from the beginning, particularly with the help we received in terms of setting up the rules in the self-service portal Cisco Jasper. Local roaming solutions ensure our Arctic salad bars use the best connection in the area and we will be installing Tele2 IoT SIMs in all new Arctic salad bars.”

    Picadeli has turned salad bars into a service and having real time data about how their assets are performing from an operational perspective allows them to fix problems quickly and also provide customers with a consistent high-quality product – and when it comes to the future, data is helping the company build new value propositions.

    “One next big step for us is looking at how we can use the data we receive to build experiences for our millions of salad customers,” explains Landström. “And we’ll do this with Tele2 IoT as we continue to push the foodtech boundaries.”

    Top benefits

    Supply chain oversight
    Assortment planning & local adaption
    Cost control
    Superior offering – safe & fresh food
    Monitoring consumer experience digitally