Enhancing Lone Worker Safety with Maragoo Safeguard 

Ensuring workforce safety with IoT

These days, the Internet of Things (IoT) stands as a powerful ally in fortifying employee safety, security, and monitoring within the workplace and beyond. IoT-enabled devices offer a multitude of solutions that augment traditional safety measures, revolutionizing how businesses safeguard their workforce.

The agricultural landscape poses unique challenges for farmers and lone workers, who often operate in remote and hazardous conditions. Ensuring their safety has become paramount, prompting the adoption of modern technology to deliver heightened security and reassurance. In this context, IoT emerges as a pivotal factor in fortifying safety measures and instilling a greater sense of security and peace of mind for all remote workers.

An Margadh Ltd. was established with a mission to bolster the welfare and safety of farmers and isolated workers and are pioneering the utilization of technology for this purpose. Using Tele2 IoT services An Margadh Ltd. has introduced Maragoo Safeguard, a cutting-edge solution tailored explicitly to address the requirements of these individuals.

Key features of Maragoo Safeguard:

  • Person Down Alert: Instantly notifies a designated contact in case of a fall or slip, ensuring immediate assistance.
  • SOS Panic Button: Enables users to trigger an emergency alert to their loved ones if they find themselves in an unsafe situation..
  • GPS Tracking: Provides real-time location tracking, allowing family members to monitor their whereabouts continuously.
  • Watch-Me Feature: Allows users to inform loved ones when undertaking risky tasks.
  • Home Safely Feature: Offers reassurance by notifying family members when the user has completed the task or is on their way home.
  • Geofence Technology: Sets virtual boundaries to alert someone if the user exits or enters a specified area.
  • 2-way voice calls: The ability to initiate a 2-way voice call from the device to your family or the ability for your family to call the device with automatic answering enabled.

One example that highlights the effectiveness of Maragoo Safeguard involved a lone worker who was involved in an accident while operating machinery on a remote farm. The Person Down Alert immediately triggered, notifying their family members. Prompt assistance was provided, leading to a swift and successful rescue. This incident underscores the life-saving potential of Maragoo Safeguard in emergency situations.

Embracing IoT technology for employee safety, security, and monitoring not only reinforces compliance with legal obligations but also cultivates a culture of trust and care within the workforce. By leveraging these innovative solutions, businesses can demonstrate a genuine commitment to prioritizing the well-being of their employees while simultaneously fostering a more efficient and secure work environment.

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