Connecting Your Fleet

Route42 is changing the face of fleet management

Three years ago, the Den Dopper brothers decided to combine their respective expertise in automotive and online applications to create an innovative new solution, one that makes trucks and trailers smarter than ever.

Route42 provides a holistic overview of your connected fleet

The Route42 solution is capable of answer pretty much any questions one might have about a connected fleet – and to make sure their solution is working regardless of a vehicle’s location, the Dopper brothers joined forces with Tele2 IoT and found the connectivity solution that is helping Route42 grow its business.

To put it simply, Route42 is a leading intelligence platform that offers a wide range of applications for the cost-efficiency, sustainability, and safety of trucks and trailers on the road. By consolidating various information, such as location, acceleration, braking, fuel level, and tire pressure, Route42 is able to analyze this date via their “driving behavior” algorithm.This, in turn, gives drivers real-time notifications and insights on how to lessen fuel consumption, thus reducing environmental impact.

To ensure safety on the road, Route42’s eye-tracking solution registers possible signs of distraction and fatigue in the driver and sends a notification if the driver needs extra rest.  Additionally, Route42’s dashcam records video while the truck is on the road, alerting drivers when they are not keeping to a safe distance. In the case of an accident, a 20-second video is automatically sent to the cloud.

From day one Route42 was developed as an open platform, enabling seamless integration with nearly off cloud-based solutions available on the market. As a result, their solution is extremely flexible and prepared to develop tailored solutions that will meet the needs of any customer. “Hyper precise location allows us to add a lot of intelligence to logistics businesses,” says Max Den Dopper. “It allows us to automatically define the type of operations. Additionally, triangulation allows us to determine location even if the asset is jammed.”

Route42 started their IoT journey a few years and have experience incredible growth – 600% last year alone.

“Our objective is to bring all transport data together, and one of the reasons we’re growing so fast is actionable data – we’re pinpointing where you can improve and monetize. Eye-tracking ensures drivers don’t fall asleep, while numerous sensors can measure drivers’ behavior in order to, for example, encourage sustainable driving patterns.”

Tele2 IoT ensuring reliable connectivity

Route42 stands out in a competitive market, providing some interesting and unique insights into the efficiency and performance of vehicles. This, of course, requires a lot of data, and it only works if the connectivity is reliable, regardless of the location of the truck. Tele2 IoT connectivity has proved the right partner for the job.

“The reliable Tele2 IoT SIM is the perfect fit for our solutions,” says Max Zillinger, COO Route42. “Being able to rely on Tele2 IoT connectivity means we can focus on what’s important: our core business.”

Tele2 IoT and Route42 settled on an attractive connectivity pricing model – and the connectivity is all consolidated in the product 2CONTROL (Cisco IoT Control Center.) It´s capabilities help Route42 avoid overages and also ensure they are paying only for active SIM cards. Tele2 IoT’s network agnostic SIMs can automatically switch between nearly all European networks, ensuring the best available connectivity, regardless of the location of the vehicle. The partnership is completed by Tele2 IoT’s partner Inteliot.

Route42 looking into a bright future with Tele2 IoT

Because of Route 42’s innovative solutions more and more collaborations are being launched, and thanks to driving behavior insights and installed dashcams, companies using Route42 can potentially save on insurance. Additionally, Route42 is also cooperating with truck dealers, driving schools, and governmental organizations, and is looking towards expanding its European footprint. Tele2 IoT, in partnership with Inteliot, will be a part of this journey.

“At the end of the day it’s not IoT that makes us grow, it’s the value it brings,” says Max. “When talking to customers they are normally quite resistant to change but when we show them the benefits of IoT and ensure that their fleet management will remain simple they jump on it.”

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