The Tele2 IoT CMP Guide to Connectivity Management

Learn how to choose the right IoT connectivity management platform for your IoT solution

When implementing your IoT solution with IoT cellular connectivity, it’s not as simple as just connecting your devices and sensors and you’re ‘ready to roll’. 

What you need is a Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) that keeps control of your connectivity, while also allowing you to do everything from monitoring and analyzing to troubleshooting and provisioning – and you can do all of that and more with the IoT world’s leading Connectivity Management Platform, Cisco IoT Control Center (2CONTROL). 

What’s inside: 

  • What to pay attention to when selecting your Connectivity Management Platform  
  • Key critical CMP features  
  • Early-stage vs mature IoT initiatives: what are their requirements towards CMPs  
  • How Cisco IoT Control Center (2CONTROL) enables you to move faster, operate smarter, and scale safer 
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