“Headquartered in Belgium and with offices in Europe, the United States, China, Japan and Australia, Option Wireless Technology specializes in wireless solutions enabling Machine to Machine (M2M) communication. With more than 25 years of experience and many industry firsts, the Company is ideally positioned to offer efficient, reliable and secure IoT solutions across a variety of industries and applications.”


Why us?

Option Wireless Technology partners with system integrators, value added resellers, application platform providers, value added distributors and network operators to bring tailor-made solutions to customers around the world.  Opton delivers a complete M2M ecosystem.​

Proven, reliable and secure, Option’s CloudGate provides a carrier-approved and standards-compliant IoT solution that delivers edge computing capability and enables cloud-based data mining that supports ‘big data’ and analytics for M2M. ​

The Gateway Device can be cost-effectively integrated and deployed in a variety of configurations and environments.  Option’s LuvitRed visually configurable device agent fosters innovation for smart M2M applications and leads to faster sales cycles and greater ROI​

Option backs its advanced CloudGate M2M solution platform with an extensive engineering consultancy.


What we do

CloudGate is the carrier-approved M2M solution platform that delivers device connectivity, security and processing power for global M2M applications. ​

Option Wireless Technology’s CloudGate Smart Wireless M2M Solutions include the carrier-approved intelligent Cloudgate gateway that provides device connectivity and processing power for M2M applications. ​

Designed for quick and cost-effective deployment, each gateway device comes with CloudGate Universe, Option’s cloud-based configuration and deployment platform, as well as the CloudGate SDK for rapid application development, the CloudGate HDK for prototyping custom expansion cards and LuvitRed, a visually configurable device agent with an easy-to-use graphical, “drag and drop &visual wiring “ configuration environment for CloudGate gateway devices . ​

A pre-built library of software applications and a selection of modular  hardware extensions means that CloudGate solutions deliver ease of deployment and maximum flexibility.


Industry verticals

  • Smart cities and Environmental monitoring​
  • Industrial & Remote asset management
  • Automotive transportation & Logistics