Vattenfall Launches Electric Vehicle Charging Solution

Vattenfall capitalizes on the growth of electric vehicles

Vattenfall – one of the largest energy services companies in Europe – found a new opportunity to capitalize on the high-growth electric vehicle (EV) market by offering various charging solutions. Vattenfall adopted a Tele2 IoT solution that incorporates globally-available, high-quality, secure, managed connectivity into its EV charging pole solution. With these innovations Vattenfall has seen 80% annual growth over the last 4 years for its charging solutions while increasing customer demand for green energy.

Vattenfall is a European energy services companies with 31,800 employees. Producing energy from six energy sources – wind, hydro, biomass, nuclear, coal and gas – Vattenfall is one of Europe’s largest energy companies. Vattenfall has a strong commitment to its communities and to supporting new types of energy services that support an environmental- friendly-sound world economy. Combining innovation with environmental consciousness is one of Vattenfall’s key focuses as it grows its business.

Anticipating growth in EVs across Europe and wanting to leverage its existing expertise in energy services, Vattenfall created a group responsible for charging solution. One of these solutions – charging poles for EVs – allows an EV driver to recharge a car while at work or on-the-go. Vattenfall sells this charging solution to various municipalities and businesses across Europe. Vattenfall’s experience in energy services makes it a credible supplier of this type of solution. But Vattenfall needed a partner that could provide highly reliable connectivity so it could effectively and securely monitor charging, customer and equipment data at charging poles.

Tele2 IoT provides the tools

Vattenfall turned to Tele2 for technology including connectivity, a managed connectivity platform and a globally-expandable solution at favorable pricing. In addition, Tele2 provides Vattenfall with two partner go-to-market services – enhanced device testing services to ensure charging poles always nd the best connectivity and training services to make sure Vattenfall staff are fully empowered to use Tele2’s connectivity management portal. “The management tools that Tele2 provides allow our team to proactively work on problems,” states Joris Hupperets, Vattenfall’s Manager of Emobility.

Vattenfall had several choices of IoT partners, but as Hupperets from Vattenfall summarizes, “Tele2 provides us great service, high quality and good pricing.” Tele2 treats its customers fairly by providing high network reliability, a customer first engagement approach and competitive pricing.

EV charging station solution increases 80% annually

All of the energy supplied to Vattenfall’s charging stations come from green, renewable sources. And with annual increases of over 80% for its charging pole solution, Vattenfall is proving that customer-centric, high-value, connected energy services will contribute to an environmentally-sound world economy.

Having seen the impact of connectivity on its energy services, Vattenfall sees possibilities to use IoT in other areas of its business including smart metering and micro-generation. Over time Vattenfall expects to expand its EV charging solutions and bring high- quality, simple, secure and green solutions to more customers.

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The management tools that Tele2 IoT provides allow our team to proactively work on problems. They give us great service, high quality and good pricing.

Joris Hupperets Manager of Emobility Vattenfall
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