On-demand webinar: How to Successfully Manage Your Connected Devices in the EV Ecosystem

The Tele2 IoT EV Ecosystem webinar covers how IoT connectivity, bundled with the various functionalities and features of 2CONTROL CMP (Powered by Cisco IoT Control Center), will help you manage all aspects of your connected business.  

Join Cisco IoT Specialist Mark Toner and Tele2 IoT Commercial Manager Anton Savits to learn more about how to best manage your IoT deployment, including:

  • Scalability – future proof and manage the global expansion your business
  • Quality of Service – ensure uptime of your devices
  • Cost Control – optimize the cost of your connectivity
  • Security – ensure your solution is secure
  • Multi-party billing – enhance your business model with advanced CMP functionalities

This webinar covers the many different players in the EV ecosystem, including charging stations, payment solutions, electric vehicles, hardware, software, and value-added services.

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