IoT Talks 2021 will be aired 25 November, live from Stockholm, and you are invited to join our digital event . This year’s event focuses on innovation and how the arrival of 5G and related technologies are opening the door for massive IoT, which will enable a more sustainable society and make digitalization not a question of if, but of when.

“IoT is crucial for both businesses and society at large. It enables everything from smart cities to sustainability, giving us all the opportunity to improve the world around us. Innovation is the key to the future and technologies like 5G will enable innovation like we have never seen before. I welcome everyone to join us at IoT Talks 2021 and digging into just how IoT is transforming our customer’s businesses and the impact this is having on the world,” says Kjell Johnsen, CEO Tele2.

IoT Talks 2021 will feature Tele2 CEO Kjell Morten Johnsen, Tele2 Head of Sustainability Erik Wottrich, keynote speakers and many customers from a variety of industries, including fleet management, logistics, electric vehicles, healthcare, hospitality, and urban mobility, with sustainability as a strong focus. Customers and partners onstage will include iZafe, Elonroad, Enjay, Nordic Choice, and Equinix to discuss how IoT is enabling innovation in any number of ways.

Event Agenda – 25 November 2021

12.45 (CET): Digital pre-show

13.00 (CET): Introduction from main stage

  • Cyril Deschanel, Director of Tele2 IoT
  • Customer panel: Electric vehicles taking it to the water 
  • Customer panel: Smart roads – smart charging 
  • External keynote speaker
  • Customer panel: Innovating the Ordinary 
  • Customer panel: Innovating sustainability & the bottom line 

14.45-15.00 (CET): Digital post-show