Safe4 Security Group is a Norwegian security company specializing on disruptive IoT. Founded in 2013, Safe4 has taken a strong position to disrupt the whole security industry. While traditional security companies have hard times managing their workforce, Safe4 has taken a different approach by offering smart security solutions with advanced monitoring functionalities. Safe4 goal is to become a facilitator of security services, by distributing their solutions via partners such as energy companies, telecommunication, and insurance companies.

Safe4 Security Gateway, used for security/smart home/health set-ups, is using state of the art Intel Edison processor instead of the microchip and is way more powerful than the solutions offered by the competitors. Having the ability to consolidate data from more than 120 000 sensors, it is also connectivity agnostic, using Wi-Fi as a primary and GPRS/GSM as a secondary way of communication. The device can ensure 24/7 security, as even in case of an emergency and problems with power and Wi-Fi connection, Safe4 gateway will continue working using its mobile connectivity and a secondary emergency battery. To be able to expand globally, Safe4 needed a partner, who could provide embedded SIM cards for their gateway, and ensure reliable connectivity regardless of location. This is when they found Tele2 IoT.

Tele2 IoT ensuring reliable connectivity regardless of location

As a part of a solution, Tele2 IoT provides Safe4 with embedded eUICC SIM cards, global connectivity, and 2CONTROL connectivity management platform. This set-up ensures that Safe4 Gateways can use the best available connectivity, regardless of the location of the device. “We have been working with Tele2 IoT for quite some time now, and we had an excellent experience so far with both products and support they provide. We like Tele2 IoT’s willingness to disrupt carriers industry, while we are disrupting the security industry.” says Svein Ingebretsen, Chief Foreign Affairs at Safe4 Security. “One of the most significant advantages is that by using one carrier globally, we have one factory line.”

Future plans to disrupt the smart home environment

Svein Ingebretsen says the company definitely see IoT as a great differentiator. In fact, IoT is viewed as the core for surviving on tomorrow’s market.

Safe4 is continuously innovating trying new use cases in various industries. Today, using their Onesti mobile platform you can control a lot of different multi-vendor smart devices in your home with one single app. This is why today Safe4 is running some compelling proof of concepts with kitchen appliance manufacturers, energy companies, door lock and logistics companies, creating the concept of the truly smart home. Already today Safe4 has capabilities to get the data from your smart grids directly to your phone, make sure that the logistics companies delivering goods can open the door for food and package deliveries and control all the devices in your home with a single app.

“The most important thing is that you should never stop innovating, and we are looking forward to do more pilots together with Tele2 IoT going forward,” says Svein Ingebretsen.