June 18, 2020

Why eSIM Matters for Your IoT Deployment

eSIM is a key enabler

Compared to the traditional SIM card, the eSIM is still relatively new*. The traditional SIM card is a tried and trusted technology that has long been an integral part of IoT connectivity. However, as the IoT market grows it brings new challenges, some where the solutions are limited by traditional SIM technology – and this is where the eSIM really shines. 

The eSIM is expected to be one of the key enablers for growth in the IoT market. By enabling the switch of the subscriber identity remotely, it solves many of IoT’s challenges: 

• Switching connectivity provider without physical access to the device
For plug-in SIMs the eSIM eliminates costly field work required to physically swap a SIM-card. For devices using embedded SIM cards, the eSIM is the only way of changing connectivity provider 

• Managing complex supply chains
If globally deployed IoT devices require different connectivity providers across different regions, using eSIM will allow for the same SKU for the entire production line. For devices deployed in markets where a local connectivity provider is needed, the subscriber identity can be changed to a local one remotely 

• Manage risk of permanent roaming regulations
If directives on permanent roaming are put into effect in a market where an IoT deployment already exists, the need to switch to a local connectivity provider becomes fact. If the deployment is done using eSIMs, the cost and effort to switch is greatly reduced.  

 • Reuse of subscription assets
An enterprise with an eSIMbased IoT deployment will over time acquire connectivity subscriptions in the form of virtual profiles from different connectivity service providers. As each virtual profile can be associated with a subscription period and fee, to optimize the utilization of this assets is of great interest. When using eSIM, a profile can be disabled on any one eSIM when it’s no longer needed, and later re-used by activating it on another eSIM 

Tele2 IoTeSIM based offering is twofold: we can provide you with the eSIM itself, including a pre-installed Tele2 IoT connectivity profile in our 2SWITCH insurance product. Or, we can provide only the Tele2 IoT connectivity profile itself in our 2SWITCH Virtual Profile product, which you can load onto your existing eSIM using a different Subscription Manager than Tele2 IoT’s. 

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Christian Seglert
IoT Product Manager
Tele2 IoT

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