IoT Talks 2022
Beyond the Visibility Line

November 10, 2022 – Stockholm, Sweden

Thank you to everyone who joined us at IoT Talks 2022, whether that was digitally or in person.

This year’s event focused on the role IoT plays in supporting – and transforming – different business models and how it touches everything around us

Tele2 IoT MD Cyril Deschanel opens the show with a bang!

Cyril Deschanel, Managing Director Tele2 IoT, on IoT trends, as well as how Tele2 IoTOp is performing and our goals.

Panel: Nofence (Agriculture)

Oscar Hovde, CTO at Nofence, discusses how IoT enables geofencing farm animals, giving them better life quality, while also contributing to sustainability – and reducing costs.

Panel: Virta & ChargeNode (EV ecosystem)

The EV Ecosystem is growing rapidly and it’s companies like Virta and ChargeNode that are driving the growth. Kristian Sandahl, CEO at ChargeNode and Jussi Ahtikari, CTO at Virta discuss where the EV ecosystem is now and where we are going.

Panel: Lumit & Loxess (Digitalization)

Digitalisation is one of those buzzwords we hear all the time. Lumit CEO Daniel Landau and Loxess Product Manager Anders Årmen take a closer look at how their companies are incorporating digitalisation in different ways.

Panel: Marco Geraci & Cyril Deschanel Cisco IoT Control Center)

Cisco IoT Control Center is the world’s leading connectivity management platform. Marco Geraci, Cisco Head of Sales EMEA, IoT & Mobility sits down with Tele2 IoT Managing Director Cyril Deschanel to discuss the importance on having a sophisticated CMP, no matter where you are in your IoT journey.

Panel: Hiran Ravat & Max Stevens – CSL (Reliability & cyber security)

Mission critical connectivity requires reliability and trust. CSL has long worked with Tele2 IoT in order to deliver their critical connectivity solutions across multiple segments, including fire services, healthcare, and even retail.

Panel: Buddywise & Meltspot (AI & IoT)

Buddywise and Meltspot are two companies using AI and IoT for two different purposes – but with equally great results. Buddywise CEO Lamin Faye and Meltspot CEO Alexander Bucur sit down to discuss how their solutions benefit their customers.

Panel: PostNord, Hugo & Vinnova (IoT strategy)

Tele2 EVP B2B Stefan Trampus joins Pernilla Kolni, Innovation Officer at PostNord, Carl Berge, CEO at Hugo, and Filip Kjellgren from Sweden’s Innovation Agency Vinnova to discuss strategy, preparing for the future, and remaining competitive.

City Q – Mini-mobility & the Sharing Economy

Mini-mobility could be the key to the future of urban travel – and CityQ is on the cutting edge of this new revolution. CEO Morten Rynning discusses how he developed a new kind of connect cargo bike and the benefits it brings.

Final words: Tele2 CEO Kjell Johnsen

Tele2 CEO Kjell Johnsen reflects on how IoT is transforming so many businesses and the role Tele2 IoT plays in this.

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