IoT and Health: Keeping Track of Your Meds

IoT in healthcare helps patients get the right medication at the right time

In the acute care units at Stockholm hospitals nearly half of all patients experience problems with medication – and often these problems are the result of not knowing or not remembering which medication to take when. With the help of Tele2 IoT, the deceptively simple solution from Dosell is making sure patients – particularly older ones – are getting the right medication at the right time.

After 40 years of practice in Stockholm, Sweden. Dr. Göran Sjönell understands the needs of patients. As his patients have aged he has had less contact with them. They’ve been hospitalised and have faced more serious care issues than a General Practioner would normally address. But he has observed that as patient’s health problems increase with age they take more and more medication – and that can mean 10 or 15 tablets every day, all of which have to be taken at different times of day and/or with different criteria, such as with food (or without).

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