Remembering to take medication in the right order and at the right time under the right conditions can be challenging. Often, patients mix pills that shouldn’t be mixed, leading to unwanted interactions between various medications, something that can – and does – have serious health implications.

Sjönell, an inventor with 8 previous inventions under his belt, saw a problem that needed to be solved and that led to the development of the Dosell pill dispensing machine, the deceptively simple solution that not only dispenses medication, it reminds patients that they need to take their pills – and if a dose is missed, the machine alerts care givers, which can mean both health workers and responsible family members.

The solution is deceptively simple, but it wouldn’t work without Tele2 IoT. Via SIMs and connectivity, which connect to an app on user’s phones, health professional (and even family members) are not only able to monitor the proper dispensation of medication, they can also ensure the correct doage and even the correct type. This drastically reduces the change of a patient taking the wrong medication, or even the right medication in the wrong dosage or at the wrong time.

And if something goes wrong with the machine, authorities and other responsible parties are alerted. These problems could be anything from the patient not taking their medication within the prescribed time to the electricity going out.

Dr. Sjönell and his partners have realised a simple, yet vital solution that doesn’t just improve medical care but also saves lives. Even better, with the help of Tele2 IoT, the Dosell machine has the potential to become the home health hub of the future, which could revolutionize how our population’s medical care is addressed.