Electric and hybrid vehicles are a response to growing concerns about the wellbeing of our planet. So, in regard to sustainability, the energy used to supply Vattenfall’s charge points across Europe is 100% clean. De Jonge says Vattenfall’s commitment to sustainability isn’t negotiable.

“While there is a difference between the regular energy mix (of which the majority is already fossil-free), when it comes to our charging stations there is no discussion: it’s the cleanest option you can get to drive your’ electric car and is 100% fossil-free, using a combination of energy sources such as wind, hydro, and solar. We are committed to being ahead of the curve, because it means we’re creating new opportunities in this area.

“We went from one charging station in one city to 15 thousand across Europe in ten years. Now we have five years left to reach our goals. The numbers are kind of absurd, but the winds of change are here. Doing this is a testament to not just our commitment but also our ability to look to the future and then make it happen.”

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