The Tele2 IoT Industrial IoT White Paper

Learn how IoT is used in manufacturing and industry – from energy efficiency to connected robotics – and how you can benefit from it

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is moving into the mainstream, driving disruption and opening up significant opportunities in everything from manufacturing and mining to logistics. It gives businesses the ability to capture real-time insights from things like factory machinery, raw materials, tractors, and even livestock. Implementing IIoT enables shorter production cycles, optimized supply chain management, more timely filling of orders, and the ability to respond quickly to market shifts. 

Are you ready to become part of the new technological shift? Learn more about how in the Tele2 IoT Industrial IoT White Paper: 

  • Why IoT is a game changer for industrial enterprises 
  • Why retrofitting older equipment and machinery with connected sensors brings excellent ROI 
  • How IIoT increases productivity and reduces maintenance costs 
  • IoT in logistics and supply chain management 
  • How to get started with IoT implementation 
  • Most common challenges related to IoT implementation and how to address them 
  • How to mitigate data security in smart factories 
  • Checklist to evaluate your IIoT readiness 
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