The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is moving into the mainstream, driving disruption and opening up significant opportunities in everything from manufacturing and mining to logistics, giving businesses the ability to capture real-time insights from historically low -tech assets such as factory machinery, raw materials, tractors, and even livestock. In the highly competitive business world of today, manufacturers must respond swiftly to fluctuating market trends and fickle consumer demands. When combined with a broader digital transformation strategy, IIoT is a key factor in enabling the creation of new business models, improved operational efficiencies, and driving innovation within products and services, all of which contribute to not just keeping up with the competition but staying one step ahead.

IIoT offers a more comprehensive, interlinked, and holistic approach to manufacturing, connecting the physical and digital worlds in a way that enables superior collaboration and access across departments, vendors, products, partners, and people. Ultimately, IIoT – aka industry 4.0 – offers business owners the ability to have better control and gain deeper insights into nearly every aspect of their operation, which in turn boosts productivity, improves processes, and drives growth.