The Tele2 IoT EV Ecosystem White Paper

Learn how IoT powers the e-mobility industry: from electric vehicles and EV chargers to universal payment solutions

As electric vehicles (EVs) enter the mainstream, an evolving EV ecosystem is swiftly emerging. Most major car manufacturers have joined early pioneers like Tesla in offering EV or hybrid options and this is leading to an explosion in sales of electric vehicles, as well as an entire ecosystem evolving, including EV charging stations, EV hardware and software, universal payment solutions, etc.

In order to connect, maintain, and manage the different parts of the EV ecosystem there is a strong need for resilient and two-way IoT connectivity. In other words, IoT technology and cellular connectivity will be critical to the growth of the EV market.

Learn more about the electric vehicle ecosystem and how global connectivity can electrify your business, no matter which area you’re operating in. Highlights include:

  • Overview of the EV ecosystem
  • Challenges EV players face, including scalability, security, global deployment, and maintenance
  • Managing your cellular IoT connectivity at scale: from 100 to 10 000 or more devices in just a few clicks
  • Security & sustainability for the entire EV ecosystem
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