Sunsetting of 2G/3G
What your IoT-enabled business needs to know


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2G/3G sunsetting is getting closer, with some networks around the world already shut down. What does this mean for your IoT deployment and how can you both safeguard and futureproof your solution?

In this on-demand webinar around 2G/3G sunsetting our expert team is joined by IoT industry leaders from AddSecure to walk you through how to successfully approach this technological shift, as well as some of the key challenges your business may face, including:

  • Preparing for transition
  • Business impact
  • Replacement technologies
  • Migration strategies
  • New opportunities sunsetting will bring
  • Communicating with your customer base


Nicklas Löthén
Head of Product & Technology
Tele2 IoT

Nicklas brings more than 15 years of telco and IoT experience to his role as Head of Product & Technology. With his vision, knowledge, and experience, Tele2 IoT is able to stay ahead of the continuously evolving IoT technology landscape, ensuring our customers are prepared for the future.

Anna Hildebrand
Product Manager
Tele2 IoT

Anna has been an integral part of the Tele2 IoT team since 2017, where she responsible for the strategy and development of global cellular connectivity for Tele2 IoT customers. She previously worked with International roaming for Tele2 Group and holds a Master of Science in Business and Economics.

Sten Olsson
Chief Corporate Development Officer

Sten Olsson has been an integral part of AddSecure since the company was founded in 2015 and is responsible for the company’s development strategy and active in the M&A endeavors. Sten has been instrumental in growing and evolving AddSecure from a once modest Swedish company focused on alarm transmission monitoring into a €200M multinational IoT company.

Mats Genberg
Chief Revenue Officer

Bringing over 20 years of invaluable international sales expertise to his role, Mats Genberg serves as the Chief Revenue Officer at AddSecure. Joining the company in 2017, Mats has held various senior sales and management positions before assuming the CRO mantle in 2023. Mats holds a M.Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

About Tele2 IoT: 
Tele2 IoT is a global managed IoT connectivity provider and top 10 player in the European market. We supports over 10 thousand IoT customers and connect more than 10 million devices across 190+ countries in verticals ranging from healthcare and fleet management to agriculture, the electric vehicle ecosystem, and even connected beehives and goats. 
 About AddSecure: 
AddSecure is a leading European provider of secure IoT connectivity and end-to-end solutions. The company’s secure IoT solutions are used within the areas of buildings, alarms, transportation and logistics, personal safety and security, health care, construction, municipalities, schools, rescue services, power grids, and more. 

Navigating 2G/3G sunset

Join Tele2 IoT & AddSecure
as we discuss the challenges &
benefits this technology shift will bring

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