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You may already know that Tele2 IoT is one of the largest and fastest-growing IoT cellular connectivity providers in Europe with more than 10 million SIMs globally. Our 10k+ end customers like us because of our flexible and competitive pricing, responsiveness, expertise and complete suite of connectivity technologies:

  • Industry Leading SIM Management Platform – Cisco IoT Control Center,
  • Global multi network Roaming in 600+ networks (including restricted markets*)
  • Connectivity with 2G-5G, NB IoT, LTE-M
  • eUICC technology, eSIM and iSIM.
  • Solution consulting, Security and 24/7 Tech Support

For us, IoT isn’t about the industry you’re in, it’s about the challenges you want to address. We are eager to help our customers leverage IoT for the better of their businesses.

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*Get in touch to learn the list of restricted markets Tele2 can enable for you.

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