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Proof of Conceptsand advisefrom Tele2 IOT

If you’re looking for advice on how to begin your IoT journey or you and your team need advice further down the line, Tele2 IoT’s professional services team is the one to turn to.

And if we can’t offer a service you require we can find what you need in our world-class partner network.

Proof of Concepts

Most likely you already have an idea what you want to achieve when considering IoT, but since many IoT-solutions are business critical, or even life critical, you need to think many things through in order to get it right from the start.

Our well-structured workshops cover all aspects of getting you started on your IoT journey, whether that is assistance with device testing, data analytics, or traffic behaviour.

Depending on the scope and case, a proof of concept can be delivered in one to three days. We work together to make sure we are focusing on the best use case and that the solution will be as good as possible before you bring it to the market. As you know, correcting a problem is so much easier before a product is commercialised, compared to if it has already been sold and delivered.

There are a lot of reasons why you should choose a proof of concept before rolling out a full scale IoT solution. Besides helping you out with cost control and optimization a concept of this sort can help you generate a higher reliability for your solution, assuring you that it will work as planned and with the service levels expected. It helps you avoid negative surprises and potential delays.

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Top Business Benefits starting off with Proof of Concepts

Optimize cost

Increase reliability

Follow rules and regulations

Avoid delays and negative surprises

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