Smarter Connectivity enables growth by making it possible for you to harness all the data you capture and use it to optimize business and processes in a smarter way

Connectivity that enables growth-Smarter connectivity

Connectivity is key to ensuring your deployment works the way you expect. In turn, your deployment is creating a lot of connectivity data – and data is today’s gold mine. Wouldn’t it be great if you could harness all this data and use it to optimize your business and processes – and thus enable growth?

Here at Tele2 IoT that’s what we call Smarter Connectivity.

Today, we’re developing products that use network data, apply analytics, and provide valuable insights for you. For example, 2DISCOVER provides you with vital information into any of your devices using cellular connectivity provided by Tele2 IoT.

How does this add business value? By enhancing customer care through data that improves your products and services. This can increase growth and lead to possible new revenue streams.

We’re also developing advanced analytics – or predictive insights – which will allow you to see what is going to happen next, as well as identify problems and abnormalities with your devices and/or network. With AI and machine learning you’ll stay one step ahead of the pack – and whatever comes next.

At Tele2 IoT our technology agnostic approach and depth of knowledge means you get an experienced partner. This also applies to how you can consume our services: online access via web-interface (GUI), integrate to your services via API:s, or as event streaming subscription. It’s as easy as choosing what information you want to get, and where and how you want it sent.

Ready to start? Check out 2DISCOVER!


Top Benefits

Analytics based on network data

No investment, no hardware needed

Easy setup and fast time-to-market

The Tele2 IOTSmarter ConnectivityOffering

IoT is more than connectivity, but connectivity is essential for IoT to exist. It is your business need and your future goals and vision that helps you decide what connectivity to aim for. Smarter connectivity helps you harness all the data you capture and use it to optimize business and processes in a smarter way. It enables growth. Read how!


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