Gain critical insights with our management interface 2DISCOVER

Your IoT deployment is highly dependent on the networks you’re connected to. Based on cellular network information, 2DISCOVER offers access to historical as well as real-time data – and it can be used with both newly deployed and already deployed devices, ensuring you receive all necessary insights about networks you’re using. 

Using Tele2 IoT SIMs, 2DISCOVER is a cloud-based service that lets you choose how you want to access your data: Web GUI, API, or Event Streams. 

If something goes wrong you’ll be able to pinpoint where the problem is – and fix it before it’s ever an issue for your customers. Additionally, you can optimize your device performance through analytics and network insights without affecting battery life, and with lower operational cost and longer lifetime. 

With 2DISCOVER you always know where your device is, even when GPS or other positioning is unavailable or jammed. Create geo-fences and get actionable notifications if your devices leave a designated area.

Business Benefits

Network insights as a service

Troubleshooting at your fingertips

Optimize device performance

Location insights

Top Tech Specs


• Device network behavior analytics & location insight
• Geofencing & alerts
• Web GUI, API, or Event streaming
• Signaling events

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