Tele2 IOT:EnCore

EnCore - infrastructure service from Tele2 IoT, enabling global IoT with seamless, secure and compliment connectivity.

Having an inconsistent view of your global deployment means you’re not optimizing your IoT solution. Fragmented technologies, unpredictable connectivity costs, and regulatory difficulties are just a few of the challenges you might be facing.

Top Business Benefits

Fully-managed infrastructure as a service

Holistic view of global fleet

Cost control and predictability

With Tele2 IoT’s new EnCore service you can buy connectivity as a Telco without the hassle of actually being a Telco. In other words, you can source wholesale connectivity at low and predictable prices for regions and consolidate price plans for your global deployment.

As we roll out EnCore we will proactively facilitate market entry for our customers, together with our technology partner. Once you’re onboarded, adding new regions is simple. You will also benefit from a consistent, single view, and by managing your global deployment in one consolidated access technology-agnostic platform, you’ll have a holistic view of your devices, no matter where they are deployed or how they connect.

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