2ACCESS - finding the right data transfer solution that suits your needs

Your IoT solution is going to generate a lot of data, so finding the best way to transfer data from device to server will be a key component in optimizing your deployment – and enjoying all the benefits IoT brings to your business.

Top Business Benefits

Dynamic, Fixed or RADIUS-based IP address allocation

Encrypted data transfer

Redundant VPN tunnels

If security is a concern we can provide a Custom APN (Access Point Name), which will isolate your device and allow you to limit which IP addresses your devices are able to communicate with.  For an additional layer of security a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connects your APN to your data center, not the Internet, which means your devices will be able to communicate only via your internal network.

Finding the right data transfer solution that suits your needs is what 2ACCESS is all about. And if your needs change as your business grows? We can help you upgrade whenever you’re ready.

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