Tele2 IOT:EnCore

Global IoT Deployments - Simplified

High volume customers operating in multiple and sometimes regulatory challenging locations need to decrease complexity while keeping a close eye on the bottom line. EnCore is Tele2 IoT’s consolidated multi-tenant platform that grants you access to any country while keeping costs in line.


If you’re deploying a high number of devices or transmitting large amounts of data, you’re going to face significant challenges with your IoT deployment if you don’t have a single platform and unified operations. Everything from operating in difficult regulatory locations and dealing with multiple operators to questions around security and quality will drive complexity as well as costs.

EnCore, our high-quality managed service not only cuts costs but also allows access to any country is the key. No matter what regulatory issues you’re facing or where your devices are moving, EnCore enables permanent connectivity agreements with an attractive cost base.


Major markets where you will face regulatory issues

Regulatory constraints in countries that don’t allow permanent roaming can mean signing local operator agreements – leading to more platforms, as well as more challenges and costs when it comes to managing and logistics. There will also be difficulties ensuring uniform quality of service in all regions – and even more importantly, different operators with multiple platforms will all have their own security standards.

With Tele2 IoT’s EnCore you have access to one platform and a globally distributed cores-as-a-service, which gives you the ability to purchase both global and local connectivity according to your needs – without having to deal with multiple platform complexity, uneven security standards, quality of service issues, or regulatory constraints.

Top Business Benefits

Enabling regulatory compliance

Low connectivity costs

Fully managed services

EnCore greatly decreases the complexity of handling the Telecom and IT side of IoT. Instead of having to deal with multiple operators with multiple systems EnCore is the managed service that grants you access into any country with one common view.

In other words, all connectivity providers are managed like a single network: reducing complexity and increasing flexibility and control, while also letting you keep tight control of your bottom line.

Top Tech Specs

• Telco-grade
• Multiple connectivity technology support
• Tier 1 Nokia network nodes (based on Nokia Wing)
• Consolidated, LPWA-enabled, multi-tenant platform for entire deployment

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