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Global IoT deployments - simplified

High-volume customers operating in multiple and sometimes regulatory challenging locations need to decrease complexity while keeping a close eye on the bottom line. EnCore is Tele2 IoT’s consolidated multi-tenant platform that grants you access to any country while holding costs down.

The rules of the game have changed

As digitalization continues to spread, connectivity is no longer the ‘cool gimmick’ it once was. Instead, for many companies, connectivity is an essential component in doing business. In fact, in some cases connectivity needs are manifesting as new revenue streams, like with on-board Internet services, while in other industries, such as automotive, connectivity has become indispensable for operating and maintaining vehicles, as well as to decrease the cost of simply sending a firmware update over the air.

Now let’s imagine the Connectivity Ecosystem as a global enterprise operating in multiple and sometimes regulatory challenging locations. For this you need a globally distributed, consolidated multi-tenant IoT platform that grants you connectivity access to any country while keeping costs down and reducing complexity.

Why this is a big deal

With our managed platform service EnCore, Tele2 IoT is taking on the MVNE role so that you don’t have to. In other words, EnCore ensures you no longer need to invest in expensive core networks and business support systems to meet your connectivity requirements.

At Tele2 IoT, we call that platform EnCore.


Traditionally, MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) have been the source of connectivity: they own the radio spectrum, and in a technical context, they have the radio networks, core networks, and business support systems.

On the other hand, MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) are virtual operators who don’t own any radio spectrum or radio network, making them flexible and cheaper to operate. Depending on business requirements, some have their own core network and business support system, which makes it possible to source relatively cheap connectivity in multiple countries or regions and provide profitable services.

It’s at this crossroads that EnCore comes into its own: enterprises deploying a high number of devices or transmitting large amounts of data can face significant challenges if they don’t build their own MVNO-like structure – we take that pain away.

Regulatory Issues

Let’s take a closer look at one of the major IoT problems enterprises face in their connectivity deployments: regulations. Regulatory constraints in countries that don’t allow permanent roaming can mean signing local operator agreements, leading to more platforms as well as more challenges and costs when it comes to managing and logistics. There will also be difficulties ensuring uniform quality of service in all regions where additional connectivity is sourced – and even more importantly, different operators with multiple platforms will all have their own security standards.

With a flexible business model and scalable infrastructure, EnCore enables IoT in any vertical. No matter whether you have global or local requirements, high bandwidth, or massive quantity deployments, or if you’re facing regulatory issues, EnCore is the answer.

Where you might run into regulatory issues

One Globe, One Platform

With Tele2 IoT’s EnCore you have access to one platform and a globally distributed core-as-a-service, which gives you the ability to purchase both global and local connectivity according to your needs.

EnCore greatly decreases the complexity of handling the Telecom and IT side of IoT so instead of having to deal with multiple operators with multiple systems EnCore is the managed service that grants you access into any country with one common view.

In other words, all connectivity providers are managed like a single network: reducing complexity and increasing flexibility and control, while also letting you keep tight control of your bottom line.

Top Business Benefits

Enabling regulatory compliance

Low connectivity costs

Fully managed services

Top Tech Specs

• Telco-grade
• Multiple connectivity technology support
• Tier 1 Nokia network nodes (based on Nokia Wing)
• Consolidated, LPWA-enabled, multi-tenant platform for entire deployment

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