Connectivity Management

Manage Your Connectivity with 2CONTROL

A successful IoT deployment will likely result in a large number of connected devices, which means connectivity will be mission critical. In order for you to keep control of your connectivity in your own hands so you can oversee the cost and availability of your connectivity, you a state-of-the-art connectivity management platform.


Monitor, diagnose, & control subscriptions

Having a single pane view into your entire IoT deployment is crucial. You need details on everything from logistics to rate plans to troubleshooting. With 2CONTROL you can do away with the need for manual supervision and instead get notifications when something specific needs your’ attention, 24/7.

Optimize connectivity costs

With large deployments, you need to manage subscription lifecycles, such as limiting unused activated subscriptions. You will also want to get insights into your connectivity costs on either subscription or pool levels in order to optimize rate plans, enable planning, and gain long term optimization.

Prevent malicious use

Reduce the risk of subscription fraud with alerts on, for example, abnormal behavior or a change of hardware. Apply automation rules to limit the cost of fraud and validate a device’s IMEI against an approved list at every data session request.

Features & Functionality

• Streamline operations & reduce costs
• Near real-time diagnostics & usage controls
• Usage & service insights

Business Benefits

Reduced unused connectivity costs

Lower churn & increase revenue

Reduced security risk exposure

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