Streamline your SIM management

Changing operators can be a logistical nightmare, with the cost of switching SIM cards alone enough to give you at least a few sleepless nights.

Based on the eUICC standard, 2SWITCH is our subscription management service that gives you the ability to change operators without physically changing SIMs. Here’s how 2SWITCH makes running your business easier.

Think of 2SWITCH as a global insurance policy. You bought your global SIMs but maybe you’re not getting the service or coverage you now need. With 2SWITCH you can move to a new operator without having to physically switch SIMs, something that is not just cost prohibitive but also labor intensive. 2SWITCH does away with the need to physically replace SIMs, by openly embracing the eUICC standard.

Other operators boast about having networks across the globe but if those are not the best available you’re going to have trouble with your connectivity. And this can affect many aspects of your business, including customer satisfaction.

2SWITCH is the ultimate guarantee of Tele2 IoT’s world-class service.

Top Benefits

Based on GSMA standard

Change your provider Over-the-air

Delivered as a service, so no stress

Top Tech Specs


• Based on GSMA embedded SIM standard
• Over-the-air provisioning of your subscription
• Device verification all taken out of your hands in put into ours – so you don’t need to stress

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