Transfer and manage your data securely

Controlling access to your devices and data is one of the key pillars of IoT. But being able to handle different scenarios when transferring and securing data is where the real challenges lie. Enter 2ACCESS. 

With 2ACCESS you get the freedom and flexibility to choose any technology or cellular operator out there, while also being able to safely and remotely access your devices in order to update, troubleshoot, or make changes – and you can do it all right form your computer.

2ACCESS allows you to transfer data from point A to B, or even to points C and D, regardless of what kind of connectivity your using – or how many different kinds. You can get your data where you need it when you need it.

The importance of security when it comes to data cannot be overstated. Someone gaining unwanted access to your data will put not just your business at risk but also your reputation. We can provide a custom APN (Access Point Name), which will isolate your device and allow you to limit which IP addresses your devices are able to communicate with. For an additional layer of security, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connects your APN to your data center – not the Internet – which means your devices will communicate only via your internal network. You can also dynamically manage encrypted routing between your devices and your backend, and remotely add or remove access to your devices as needed.   

And as your business grows and increases in complexity you won’t just be adding more devices you’ll also be adding devices using different technology. With 2ACCESS your business will be scalable, flexible, and functional.  

Top Business Benefits

Seamlessly transfer data regardless of type of connectivity

Dynamic data management

Secure your data with end-to-end encryption

Scalable, flexible & functional

Top Tech Specs


• Geographically & hardware redundant
• Based on latest Cisco technology
• AWS Cloud-based & fully scalable
• Dedicated channels for highest security
• Industry standards, e.g. IPSec

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