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Test and optimize the performance of your device so that you can implement the IoT strategy and solution that works for you right from the start. Your free Trial Kit includes 5 SIM cards, access to best-in-class European connectivity and access to the Cisco Jasper Control Center.

IoT Journey Step 1

Manage Your Connectivity With

The core of your cellular IoT deployment is the ability to control it: activation & deactivation and changing & optimizing rate plans according to real-life need consumption. Security and analytics services are also part of the mix. 2CONTROL manages both your SIM cards and your connectivity.

IoT Journey Step 2

Securely Manage Data With

Controlling access to your devices and data is one of the key pillars of IoT – but transferring and securing data is where the real challenges lie. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to choose any technology or cellular operators out there, while also safely and remotely accessing your devices in order to update, troubleshoot, or make changes.

IoT Journey Step 3

Critical Insights into Your Devices With

Knowing where your devices are and how they are behaving is at the core of your IoT deployment. 2DISCOVER offers historical as well as real-time data – and it can be used with both newly deployed and already deployed devices. And if one of your assets goes missing? 2DISCOVER will help you find it. 2DISCOVER is all about  optimized device performance.

IoT Journey Step 4

Streamline your SIM management with

Changing operators can be a logistical nightmare, but with our subscription management service you can change operators without physically changing SIMs. Based on the eUICC standard, 2SWITCH simplifies logistics and makes running your business easier.

IoT Journey Step 5

Global IoT Deployments Simplified with

High volume customers operating in multiple and sometimes regulatory challenging locations need to decrease complexity while keeping a close eye on costs. Gain access to one platform and one globally distributed core-as-a-service, with all connectivity providers managed like a single network, reducing complexity and increasing flexibility and control.

At Tele2 IoT we like to say that connectivity is at the heart of what we do – but it’s not everything we do. Why do we say this? Because IoT is about more than just connectivity – it’s really about getting the most from your connectivity, and you can only do that with the right enabling products that are designed to help you take your IoT solution to the next level. In other words: We simply connect your world!

At the end of the day, everyone’s IoT Journey is different: the steps you take along the way may follow a linear path, or they might take unexpected turns. IoT is continually maturing, with new technology developments and new possibilities always taking things to the next level. Working with a partner who is on top of not just what is happening now but also on top of what is coming our way means you can successfully implement your IoT solution while also adjusting your requirements as your business evolves and grows.

If you’re a fast-growing startup you might want to build from the bottom up and add layers where and when it’s suitable. On the other hand, if you’re facing fragmented technologies, unpredictable connectivity costs, and regulatory difficulties you’re going to need a bespoke solution delivered as a service, saving you the headaches and prohibitive costs of building this kind of structure inhouse.

With Tele2 IoT is doesn’t matter where you are in your IoT Journey – our solutions are like Legos: they fit with whatever you’re building and can be changed around as needed, so whether you’re just deployment off the ground, unifying an already complex solution, or managing your global deployment in one consolidated access technology agnostic platform, we have the right products and support services to help you realize the big benefits IoT brings to your business.

The ecosysteman important key

Tele2 IoT is the only IoT provider with a horizontal approach to the market. That means that we focus on what we do best – connectivity and IoT enabling services – and team up with carefully selected partners in order to provide you with everything your business needs, no matter what vertical you operate in or where in the world you are located.

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