WolkAbout is an IoT company, based out of the Czech Republic, working on a global market. With a focus on addressing the high-performance demands of the connected world, WolkAbout is the right partner for forward-thinking companies leaning towards digitally transforming their businesses or building smart products.


In order to seize a tremendous opportunity the IoT presents, WolkAbout is providing its clients with the proven and agnostic technology to rapidly develop powerful IoT applications, digitally transform their business and have a complete control over their ecosystem. Its main product is a robust and scalable IoT application enablement platform. The combination of devices, connectivity, WolkAbout IoT Platform and services from WolkAbout and its partner companies not only allows for the rapid deployment of large-scale, innovative IoT applications, but it brings forth new ideas and products. Thanks to this synergy, businesses are provided with a complete IoT experience.


WolkAbout IoT Platform

Agnostic with regards to hardware and connectivity, WolkAbout IoT Platform includes all of the functionalities needed to navigate data-to-application integration quickly, thus reducing the time it takes for an application to get to market. It allows customers to easily connect, monitor and control disparate devices, transform real-time readings into meaningful data and combine different devices and services into a complete IoT solution.

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For more information, please feel free to contact Nevena Berat at WolkAbout.