PTC is a NASDAQ listed company, specialising in enterprise software, originally for manufacturing,  split into 2 divisions, Technology Platforms, and Solutions.


Founded in 1985, producing the leading 3D design software (CAD, CAM); PLM (Product Life Cycle), SLM and ALM under brand names such as Windchill , Integrity and Creo. These software products are now part of PTC’s “Solutions Group”.

ThingWorx is the IoT platform within PTC’s Technology Platform Group.  Turnover of  $1.4 B USD is evenly  split between USA, Asia-Pacific, and EMEA.


Why us?

  • Leading IoT platform and the most complete IoT stack available.
  • Sales: PTC have a large catalogue of satisfied customers e.g. Airbus, GE, Bosch, Caterpillar, Accenture, VW, Elisa, Boston Scientific etc. 28,000 customers
  • ThingWorx signed ~350 customers last year. ThingWorx are adding 1 customer per day this last fiscal year, planning to have 600 new customers this new Financial Year.
  • PTC size & stability: 28k customers, 700 IoT staff, 250 in R&D
  • $600m IoT investment in last 24 months. PTCs ThingWorx, Coldlight, Axeda and Vuforia are startups that have already been acquired, giving corporate & financial stability.


What we do

An IoT platform allows to reduce the time it takes for an application to get to market and evolve over time, leading to strong competitive advantage, higher sales, higher price point for applications, etc.

  • Time to market is much quicker using ThingWorx due to the stability and usability of our software. Leading Finish Telco, Elisa took only 12 weeks to be “production ready” but their first customer was in PoC (development, not production) after only 2 weeks. Elisa were 10x faster to launch production ready applications, and x20-30 faster to prototype.
  • PTC define what an IoT platform is: device connectivity (Axeda acquisition); Application enablement (ThingWorx platform); Analytics & Machine learning (ColdLight) and Augmented Reality (Vuforia acquisition).
  • ThingWorx allows Tele2 to offer IoT applications , Device Cloud and IOT analytics, on top of M2M connectivity. We have our own skilled IoT experts and salesforce and can help Tele 2 sell to new customers and move up the value chain with existing customers.


Industry verticals

  • We are a Horizantle platform
  • Telco expertise
  • Automotive expertise
  • Globally a leading player in manufacturing