Hence the 19 years experience with Internet of Things (IoT) with more than 800+ employees in offices in 6 countries around the world. Teltonika HQ, Manufacture, R&D and Support departments based in Lithuania, Vilnius. Teltonika is one of the world`s largest manufacturers of industrial networking (IoT) and fleet management (M2M) solutions. We proud to say that we are made in Europe and our devices covering in EMEA, Asia, USA , Oceania regions. The products cover widely and include areas such as: Utility, Transportation and Logistics, Public and Rail Transport, Solar / Wind / Water Energy Industry, Oil & Gas Industry, ATM and Payment Terminals, Construction and Building Automation, CCTV and Public Safety, Field Service, Small Business, Industrial Communication (Network). Easy Key to IoT.


Networking Solution (IoT)

3G – RUT230. 4G/LTE – RUT240/RUT850/RUT950/RUT955. 2018 Q1 – Narrow Band and LTE CAT M1

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Fleet Management (M2M)

2G – FMB900/920, FMB010/001, FMB120/122/125, FMA120/122/125, FMA202/204, FMB630. 3G – FM3612/3622, FM6320. 2018 Q1 – Narrow Band, LTE CAT M1 and 4G/LTE !

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