SWYCS is the all-in-one solution for project developers, architects, construction firms, housing associations and installation companies. The autonomous SWYCS gateway amasses all data (in real team or periodically) from systems and smart equipment. Consider in this regard central heating equipment, solar panels, heat pumps, air conditioning, thermostats or thermostatic radiator valves, temperature gauges, lights, humidity meters, motion sensors, flow meters and switch or control units. As well as person-specific healthcare devices, such as blood pressure monitors, glucose meters and heart monitors. All this data is entered into the SWYCS portal and app.

SWYCS is indispensable for homes, office blocks, schools, healthcare institutions, industry, hotel and catering establishments and the agricultural sector. Digitally connecting, amassing and managing data and devices with SWYCS is smart, secure and comfortable and saves on costs.

SWYCS is unique throughout the world and is the only party offering an integrated total solution. It supports a wide array of protocols, from Bluetooth to ZigBee, and can be easily extended in the future. SWYCS can be made to communicate with any equipment (including future equipment), irrespective of brand or type. From access gate to heating equipment and all this from a single app or web portal.


Preventive maintenance

With SWYCS it’s easier than ever to remotely monitor and manage heat pumps, central heating equipment, PV systems and air conditioning. All relevant readings from these are made available in the SWYCS app or web portal. Triggers and alerts ensure that the person responsible for maintenance can take action before a fault develops. Seamless integration with existing third-party planning software enables work orders to be generated automatically. Thus making the work process more efficient, saving on costs and thereby increasing customer satisfaction.


Energy neutrality and energy management

SWYCS makes the path to fully energy-neutral homes that bit easier, whilst leaving you in full control. All the usual electricity and CO2 meters, thermostats and heat pumps are monitored and read out. A handy tool automatically provides the reports required by law for both tenant and landlord.

SWYCS is ODA-certified, which means that all smart meters in the Netherlands can be read out. Tenants are given insight into and tips on consumption via an app, encouraging them to act and think more in line with sustainability. This not only results in saving energy but also engenders trust.


Smart Home

A fully smart home is now within reach with the SWYCS IoT infrastructure on a single platform, including user app. Activating the smart washing machine as soon as the PV system has generated enough energy? Switching on the coffee machine when you’re nearly home? Closing the window when it starts to rain? Turning on central door-locking automatically? Being able to live in your own home for longer because it grows with your living requirements? All readily achievable with SWYCS.

Keen to find out more? Feel free to get in touch with Rene rene@swycs.com or Paul paul@swycs.com