Sogeti offers cutting-edge solutions around Digital, Digital Manufacturing, Cloud and Cyber Security. With thousands of experts and a full-range portfolio for the benefit of clients across the world, Sogeti makes its skills and know-how available to industry in for example Aeronautics and Space, Defense, Energy, Telecoms & media, Railway and Life Sciences sectors. In close partnership with its customers, Sogeti develops and manufactures solutions with a high added value in the areas of Internet of Things.

Bridge the Physical-Digital Divide with Our IoT Services & Solutions

It is important to look beyond the connected devices and protocols to drive business value from IoT investments. Success of an IoT initiative hinges upon capabilities in data acquisition, integration, analytics, and an in-depth expertise in enterprise business processes.


Concretely we can help you with:

Engage & Enable your IoT Journey

  • Evaluate your current Product & Service Portfolio and identify needs
  • Architect your IoT Solutions
  • Create the roadmap for your successful IoT Transformation Journey


Build & Deploy your IoT Solutions

  • Select the right technology platform solution
  • Build and Integrate Applications, IoT platforms
  • Integrate, Deploy & Manage Platform & Applications


Manage, Analyze & Correlate

  • Collect, Store and Manage multi-faceted data from variety of end points
  • Transform data into customer, product, service insights
  • Use analytics to create self aware, auto healing, intelligent systems and optimize performance


Institutionalize & Optimize

  • Transform Support services from reactive to predictive preventive
  • Institutionalize remote product management, predictive and preventive maintenance
  • Optimize Operations continually


IoT Platform selection

IoT Platform Selection ; Evaluation criteria to select the IoT, M2M and Cloud platform, study of the platforms on business parameters to shortlist and technical assessment of the shortlisted platforms and recommendation.


e-Objects Platform

Connected Objects, Everywhere

Connected objects can unlock more intelligent and innovative ways of doing business. Companies can expect to:
Automate information exchange
Transform monitoring, management and other services
Track industrial equipment or vehicles
Monitor smart meter readings
Conduct remote maintenance

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IPS3 (Integrated Product Support & Sustaining Services): Our information consolidation platform for delivering Engineering Analytics and insights from multiple product related data sources.