Skyresponse for IoT Platforms and Solutions

Today’s Internet of Things platforms offer large scale data collection and storage as well as powerful real-time analytics engines that provide at-a-glance information via dashboards on iPad, tablet or PC. They often show critical alerts and warnings and many IoT platforms even have the ability to send an SMS or email to a recipient. In some cases this is a complete solution, but what if the alarm requires urgent attention? If the alert needs a response within a certain period of time and there is no one there to read the SMS or email then it could go without any remedial action. This is where the Skyresponse platform comes to the rescue!
Skyresponse provides a guaranteed way of ensuring that a person will respond to a critical event when it occurs. This is especially important when considering how service level agreements (SLAs) can be managed for IoT applications.


Skyresponse for IoT

Skyresponse is a unique event resolution solution that is applicable to thousands of applications of IoT in diverse areas such as healthcare, smart factories, connected vehicles, smart cities, smart homes, field service and facilities management.

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Next Generation Response Centre

Skyresponse:central introduces a new way to handle all types of alarms – panic alarms, care alarms, fire alarms, transportation alarms and much more. A user friendly, flexible and scalable platform with support for both centralized and distributed alarm handling, capable to interwork with any device that can communicate.

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