About PLVision

Serving global businesses since 2007, PLVision helps system integrators and industrial companies accelerate the development of IoT solutions, automate their business processes, and enable their equipment for the industrial Internet of Things. Our highly scalable and customizable IoT platform for industrial use cases offers a unique set of connectivity features and protocols.

The offering

We deliver custom software solutions encompassing firmware development, connectivity and backend based on our IQoT platform which allows acceleration of IoT solution development up to 50% faster than starting from scratch. Applying our experience in embedded systems development and network connectivity engineering since 2007, PLVision has developed IQoT, an IoT enablement platform to provide system integrators and industrial companies with a powerful solution accelerator.

Enabling robust and diverse connectivity, the IQoT platform, is applicable to a wide range of industrial use cases, including Remote Asset Monitoring, Production Line Tracking, Smart Farming, Smart Building and Smart Home.

We offer IoT networking and connectivity development for system integrators, network or industrial equipment vendors, helping them:

  • Enable end-to-end connectivity between their devices and the cloud through network software and components development, implementation and integration; verification and testing;
  • Integrate legacy industrial protocols with modern IoT protocols and infuse edge computing functionality into the data flow from endpoint to the cloud.

Industrial IoT Platform Development, Customization and Deployment

The IQoT Platform serves as a solution accelerator for the following industrial IoT use cases:

  • Production Line Tracking: taking remote control over manufacturing facilities and simplifying production monitoring routines by tracking assembly lines for output speed, mechanical failure, temperature fluctuations and more.
  • Remote Asset Monitoring: getting real-time data describing the state of equipment located at remote destinations, as well as predicting possible asset issues and breakdowns.
  • Smart Farming: getting visibility over soil and crop health by monitoring their key parameters (humidity, temperature, moisture etc.) with easy-to-install sensors and geofencing technology.
  • Smart Lighting: decreasing energy consumption by controlling lighting scenarios based on detection of sunlight and analysis of data received from luminosity sensors.
  • Smart Building and Smart Home: remote monitoring and control of building’s operations including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting etc.